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New Sheriff: Trump Inquires About Revoking, Suspending CNN’s White House Access; BuzzFeed Too

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An incensed President-Elect Donald Trump has asked the First Amendment gurus on his legal team if it is permissible to expel or restrict CNN and BuzzFeed News personnel from White House press corps, a transition insider told True Pundit.

At a raucous press conference Wednesday Trump warned BuzzFeed and CNN “would suffer the consequences” for publishing “fake news” about him, though he did not elaborate.

Trump first floated the inquiry of punishing the news organizations Tuesday evening in private conversations with legal and communication experts on his transition team. Those discussions included possibly stripping CNN and BuzzFeed of White-House credentials.

Trump officials believe the White House could legally remove CNN’s designated seat in the White House press room and BuzzFeed’s partial seat it shares with another organization, the insider said. This would be done by first revoking separate White House press credentials which are administered by the president’s administration — namely incoming press secretary Sean Spicer — and not the White House Correspondents’ Association. The reason? Intentionally publicizing and spreading bogus news, a violation of White House press corps tenets.

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed and CNN published and broadcasted a phony 30-plus page dossier about  Trump that was reportedly compiled by a retired British Intelligence agent. Instead, it appears the report was fabricated as a prank by members of the alternative web site 4Chan and then shopped to media outlets in an attempt to trick the mainstream media. It worked. The content of the “report” ranges from the completely ridiculous to absolute obscene, highlighting the twisted minds of the alleged journalists who got played.

On Wednesday both Trump and Spicer separately attacked both “news” entities for reporting fake news. Trump called a CNN reporter “fake news” during a heated exchange as well.

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  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    John McCain must resign. If he does not have the sense to do this, he must be recalled by the people of Arizona. #Fakenews

  • Robert K Falcon

    Of course Trump can revoke their press credentials. The 1st amendment only states the press can print any truthful statement it wants. There is no requirement in law for the U.S. President to even have press conferences. The press has no rights as far as white house access.

  • East Clintwood

    fake news network, you reap what you sow morons

  • Bob Loblaw

    Arizona is one of only 18 States that have “recall legislation”, so yes, it is technically possible that Arizonans could “fire” Sen. McCain after having just given him another 6 year term in the Senate …

    Food for thought … No member of Congress has ever been “recalled” … EVER … in the history of the USA.

    It would be monumentally history-making for Arizonans to successfully recall (fire) McCain. If you like betting on long odds, put a few bucks down on this one. It can be happen, but it’s about as likely as getting struck by lightening

  • Diogenes of Sinope

    PLEASE shut down the CNN airport monitors. It is pure torture for trapped travelers, and constitutes !/2 their viewership.

  • John Hill

    Pull their credentials and make it clear he expects journalistic integrity.

  • Trevor Franklin

    i have been hoping all along he would kick cnn out of the white house, they don’t have the journalistic integrity to be there

  • Chris
  • Cynthia Campbell

    Congressional Ethics Committee has just received a lengthy formal complaint/petition to investigate Senator McCain’s actions! Seems that knowingly disseminating false information to try and unseat a sitting president or member of Congress is a felony! John McCain is finally going to prison!

  • Bill the Cat

    A little sympathy for John “Golden Showers” McCain… he’s tawdry relationship with Miss Lindsey Gram-nasty just isn’t arousing him anymore, so he’s turned towards ever more sleazy porn to satisfy himself.

  • Cambridge101

    Trump also appropriately praised news organizations who acted with integrity. CNN committed self-suicide on the international stage. They may not be able to recover without massive firings and restructuring.

  • TruthBeTold

    How to plant a fake news story:

    CNN hysterically reports unsubstantiated claims that have been around for months on the night before Trumps’ first press conference.

    Under the pretext the MSM (CNN) reported the story, BuzzFeed takes the cue to report the details of the story.

    The accusers use each other as confirmation for an unverified story.

    That’s how the MSM creates fake news giving their fake news alleged credibility.

  • Shame on the people of AZ for re-electing that uber-globalist CFR RINO, Juan McCain. You could have replaced him w/ a Conservative candidate during the GOP primaries but you blew it!

  • Guest
  • Same for ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. They should all have their press privileges revoked & more honorable news organizations such as Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, The New American magazine, Alex Jones, etc. should take their place.

  • I hope you’re right.

  • TruthBeTold

    There’s no explaining the repeated re-elections of McCain and Graham.

  • TruthBeTold

    Sifly and Olly?

  • Harry Callahan

    It’s very clear that he must do it. McCain, Graham, and Rubio must be dealt with as enemies.

  • Are AZ & SC open Primary States? Could Democraps be voting in GOP Primaries there?

  • TommyD

    Some members of the msm “THOUGHT” (lol) that they would put the ka-bash on PE Trumps presser by showing that they can still control the news cycle subject matter.. They found out they thought wrong.. Man were they ever wrong..

    Not only did PE Trump control the subject matter of the presser he roasted the offenders on their own petard.. Totally fitting.

    Absolutely marvelous play by PE Trump and his excellent team..

  • Phillip McGregor

    Ummm, not defending his actions one whit, but he has been in prison before.

  • TPTB News Review

    The Constitution was written to protect the rights of the people to express themselves via the press.
    Today, “the press” is identified as the corporations. The Constitution was not written to protect corporations.
    As CEO of 1871 US, Inc, Trump can ban any corporation he feels like banning.

  • Glad to see Trump is proactive in this especially because many real journalists reporting truth about Clinton were vilified and called fake news by MSM during general election and beyond. This click bait mentality has gone through the roof to epic proportions and is sickening. Tank their creds and let them get their access through Twitter timeline instead of having any seat at the table. They don’t deserve it. Buzzfeed should be outed altogether.

  • anotherinterestedreader

    Great idea.

  • Donald H Sullivan

    And while imprisoned he disgraced himself by collaborating with the enemy to gain special favors.

  • Larry Evans

    No reason he can’t. His press conference. his rules. His invites.

    If CNN and Buzzfeed want to know what’s happening, they can read about it the next day.

  • Stevek

    Come on dad, lighten up a bit on the 4chan kids. It WAS funny …

  • Bob Loblaw

    McCain’s nickname among his fellow “Hanoi Hilton” POW’s was … “Songbird”

  • jimbojambo

    There is no ‘e’ in Lightning

  • jimbojambo

    The old dog is 80, and entering a new 6 year term. When did Arizona get so stupid?

  • Jan Zeman

    yeah, McCain is a fake war hero and in fact a traitor and there’s actually a proof of that now:
    He is therefore actually ineligible to be an US Senator in the first place – ineligible due to the 14th Amendment sec. 3.

  • rascallater

    Same odds as Trump winning the Presidency? Back in March last year it was 500 to 1.

  • Bob Loblaw

    I’m not saying “don’t try it” … it’s just that Arizonans would really need to get behind it and work their a$$e$ off to get every anti-McCain voter out to vote for the recall on the appointed day.

    Everybody shakes their head at how McCain gets re-elected election after election … same goes for Jeff Flake, the other AZ Senator and Lindsay Graham … these hard-core establishment RINO / Globalists have an extremely hard-core element of brain-dead followers who come out and vote for them “no matter what”.

    It can be done …. with TONS of hard work.

  • Rico Warner

    Certainly libel is not protected by 1st amendment. Would love to see Trump’s head of legal counsel Michael Cohen feasting on Jake Tapper’s metaphorical liver with some favs beans and perhaps a nice Chianti.

  • Marv Cheryl

    Isn’t he (Cohen) in Prague? Buzzfeed says so. lol

  • Robert K Falcon

    It’s clearly defamation by both Buzz Feed, and CNN as they both admit the story is unverified, however they both knew the ramifications of what they did.

  • EdWatts

    But there is in “lightening”, i.e., removing weight from a load.

  • EdWatts

    When the Californians, having ruined their once-golden State, began moving eastward; the Phoenix area is now indistinguishable from the Los Angeles megalopolis, and Tucson isn’t far behind.

  • Bob Loblaw

    O-M-G !!!!! … That completely invalidates the points I was making !!!

  • OkeyDoke

    Petty much? You should not have capitalized the L in lightning, either.

  • OkeyDoke

    Soros money?? Rigging the polls?

  • OkeyDoke

    The day they first voted alligator arms in.

  • Marge Terrell

    John McClain and Lindsey Graham and 4 Other Republicans took Secret Payments From Hillary to Destroy Donald Trump. These two have no business being on any Committee that has anything to do with Trump. It is a Conflict of Interest. McClain and Graham are hitting every News Media to say that The Russians Hacked The Election. In fact, Graham is saying that he will personally see to it that the Russians are handed more Sanctions than Obama gave them! They being on any Commitee is a Conflict of Interest . They are chancing WW111 to try to deny Trump. See: Conservative Daily Post. 6 REPUBLICANS WHO TOOK SECRET PAYMENTS FROM HILLARY TO DESTROY DONALD TRUMP! You can see who the other 4 are. Did you ever wonder why Paul Ryan uninvited Donald Trump to Speak a couple of days before he was supposed to Speak in WI? Please go online to and sign the Petition to Recall or Impeach John McCain and Then go to the one to Recall or Impeach Lindsey. Graham. And sign. Let’s get rid of these two Corrupt paid off Politicians! Then we probably need someone to get Write a Petition to Recall or Impeach
    Paul Ryan!!

  • Erik Kilpatrick

    SC is an open primary State…Dems vote for Loser Grahmn in the State GOP primary…

  • Marge Terrell

    Read: 6 REPUBLICANS WHO TOOK SECRET PAYMENTS FROM HILLARY CLINTON TO DESTROY TRUMP! As you can guess JOHN McCAIN AND LINDSEY GRAHAM ARE TWO OF THEM. They are going around the News and programs saying the Russians Hacked The Elections and need more Sanctions than Obama gave them for the Hacking? In fact, Graham has said many times that he would personally see to it that more are placed. What a Jerk! Playing with fire. They do not seem to care if we end up in war! Go to that website and see who the other paid off Republicans are! Do you really think that they need money bad enough to sell their honor and soul for? Paul Ryan got $ 2.4 Million for his YES Vote to Pass Fast Track. Different Members of the House took money from Lobbyists to pass Fast Track. $200 Million Went To House To Pass Fast Track. This should be illegal, if they do not want the job for what it pays. Do not take it! PPLEASE GO TO: CHANGE.ORG AND SIGN THE PETITION TO RECALL OR IMPREACH JOHN McCAIN! then go. CHANGE.ORG AND SIGN THE PETITION TO RECALL OR IMPEACH LINDSEY GRAHAM. THANKS

  • Marge Terrell

    According to the POW’s with him he was showing off while flying the plane and he ended up in enemy territory is the reason that were taken Prisoner, the plane ended upside down in a tree and they say that is how McCain got his injuries! The ?Navy released a report almost two months ago (it has been twenty years so could be released). Not favorable to McCain. It is all online. The other POW’s have been speaking out against McCain.

  • Marge Terrell

    There is a petition To recall or impeach McCall or impeach McCain at And a Petition To Recall or Impeach Lindsey Graham. Please sign these Petitions!. See my Comment below. Thanks

  • Voulke

    The digs on 4Chan are uncalled-for. What they did was funny, all the more so because it worked.

  • American Icon

    Just for the record, I didn’t vote for the bazturd…and I don’t personally know anyone that did. At least, none that admit to it.

  • American Icon

    What a waste of a brand new Disqus account.

  • owl

    Wonder what the odds are that he could just lose his committees? That is what I want someone to chase. Intend to call …..again…..McConnell and my Senators over it. He needs to lose the committees. Then….he might just retire or go on over to the Ds where he deserves to be most of the time.

  • Bob Loblaw

    THAT is eminently “do-able” … good idea, in fact.

  • Jim Stone

    That’s the deal millions voted for trump but will never admit it…

  • Jim Stone

    Who cares all the press does is lie anyway … if they can’t at the very least be fair..kick them out

  • American Icon


  • Ado Christian

    Keeping CNN and BUZZFEED out of the White House would absolutely improve the overall quality of media reports on the POTUS.