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New President of Sanders’ Political Group Slams DNC: ‘They’re Pompous and Arrogant’

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The new president of a nonprofit group founded by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has eagerly taken on the Democratic National Committee, calling it “pompous” and “tone-deaf.”

Self-proclaimed “justice warrior” Nina Turner was tapped to take over the group, Our Revolution, in June, BuzzFeedreports. Since then, the former Ohio state senator has criticized the DNC more harshly than Sanders’ own rhetoric.

“The establishment side of the Democratic Party has shown themselves to be dictators,” Turner said, adding that the DNC is not “smart enough, humble enough, to say, let’s take a step back and really listen to the people.”


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  • Hope

    If this is his running champaign for 2020 he already tried that once, didn’t work out so well. So I have to think this is just to raise money for his pockets I hope not too many idiots will donate.

  • Victoria Bowman

    Nina Turner is a voice for true progressives. If she should run for POTUS, she has my vote. The DNC party leadership be damned…for the last 46 yrs I have been a democrat, but in 2016 I could not vote for their chosen candidate. If the Democrats run an unacceptable candidate in 2020 I will vote independent!