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New $80M Anti-Trump Network Spearheaded by Soros-Funded Org With Former ACORN Employees

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A new $80 million anti-Trump network is being led by an organization whose top funder is liberal billionaire George Soros and which employs former members of the controversial and now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

The Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, the 501(c)(4) sister organization of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a New York-based nonprofit that receives the bulk of its funding from George Soros, announced at their spring gala Tuesday that they will be heading up the new $80 million anti-Trump network that will span 32 states and have 48 local partners, CNN reported.

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  • George

    When one understands the objectives of this myriad networks across the US, which is sponsored by Soros and in which his Open Society Foundation is a large part, then one realizes that they are all about their NWO and ‘Globalisation’. This is their conspiracy to bring down the US in moral, financial, Christian Faith, military, confiscation of guns/firearm and educational terms in order to make it part of the emerging NWO, which has as tenets, mass immigration, amorphizing of cultures, removal of all borders and sovereignty and reducing the world’s people to the equivalent of slaves.

    Behind, even Soros, is the mega-wealth barons and families, the Illuminati, who would all control the world even more than they do today. Obama is its spearhead, which accounts for his emasculation and division of America Inc. So, step 1 is getting rid of Trump, who stands foresquare in the way of this Globalisation, an evil plot for future humanity..

    The ideological assault on American values, dream and education started many decades back, starting with one university. From there, it spread like a cancer, infecting academia, colleges and schools. Look at the Ed. institutions today, the garbage that is being churned out, resulting in anti-social products, misguided youth and graduates with a weak and distorted character; even inviting the enemy into its midst as part of its objectives.

    America is in peril. This is not merely party politics at work. Why do you think the sabotage of POTUS is so frenetic, 24/7? He stands in the way of the evil Globalisation. Merkel even says the free-world pact on climate change is part of her Globalisation plan. The MSM and banks are part of the pact, hence the prominent news networks pernicious, persistent assault on POTUS/WH. Now Facebook and U-tube certainly seem to be joining. No, this is one big-deal and needs very careful resistance, or our children and theirs will find themselves part of new-communism.

  • MatFan

    We are at war. They have been destroying us for decades. We are going to lose simply because no one is going to treat this as war. Years from now, people will say we should’ve killed these monsters before it was too late. And we’ll all say, “yeah, we should’ve”…