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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Sees the Light; Tells Viewers Vote for Trump & “Shake this System to its Roots.”

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Even Chris Matthews sees the light now.

˙pɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ʎllɐᴉɔᴉɟɟo sᴉ plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝqʎɐɯ ɹO

Or perhaps he’s just tired of getting harassed for leaning pro-Hillary Clinton when he’s out having cocktails in Philly on weekends.

Matthews, in a somewhat surprise move, seemed to endorse Donald Trump on Tuesday. This is a drastic departure from Mathews’ normal election-year rhetoric where he once claimed in 2008 that Barack Obama’s candidacy was sending a thrill up the broadcaster’s leg.

Or perhaps it was Trump’s trip to WaWa Tuesday with his entourage and daughter Tiffany in tow that turned Matthews, a local Philly guy himself.


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  • clarioncaller

    I’m not buying it. These progressive ‘rats’ are smelling disaster on Nov.8th. The S.S. Hillary has been torpedoed and these creatures are scurrying down the anchor line because they know a Trump DOJ will shine a bright light on their misdeeds.

  • anpdr27

    april fools???
    or did he grow a brain….. cause he nailed it

  • Guest

    Mathews is not very consistent. I guess it wasn’t a thrill up his leg from Obama but that Obama took a dump in his lap with Obamacare and everything else. And then Bill, the Rapist, Clinton, and Hillary, the biggest crook ever, Clinton have outdone themselves and caused self inflicted fatal wounds. One could not write a more bizarre chapter in American history. Luckily Trump will give it a good try if he is president, but it’s a long road back from $20 trillion in debt, and millions of invaders and refugees to remove.



  • commonsenseperson


  • Isaid Dilligaf

    There is not a real Liberal alive that will vote for that Rat BAst*rd B!tch..Please do not think liberals share the same values or morals of this criminal…We had to share and election with them and they lied, Cheated, and Stole it from Bernie…DEMoRATS and LIberals are NOT the same thing no way no how….

  • troughmaster

    But these particular wharf rats are caught on the ropes!


    spot on, a lot of hard work to do, sacrifices to make, is it in our character?

  • Deplorable_Physicist

    Welcome to the basket, Chris! We saved a seat.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Liberal chameleons can change colors, but a skunk can’t change its stripe. this phoney didn’t like the glug, glug, glug sound when he got near the swamp drain.

  • SmileWithMe

    Where’s the rest of this? I would love it to be true, but I’m guessing he had more to say..

  • SmileWithMe

    Yup, of coarse there’s always more..

    “If Trump were to win this election, those would be the reasons that would be written at the top of the newspaper the day afterward. So why doesn’t he do it. Why doesn’t he say now what will win him the election. Why does he fight and make stupid headlines with his battles with Megyn Kelly and Dana Bash. He seems to devote every day fighting fights that make people forget the reasons why he started running for president. Reasons that continue to carry the shrinking chance that he may win this thing. I say this not because I want Trump to win but because I can’t stand politics being practiced so pathetically. “

  • Paul Brostowitz

    Unfortunately, you are all in the same canoe headed over Niagara Falls!! You liberals joined hands and sang Kumbaya together!! This crime and corruption, this pure evil control of your Democrat party will be it’s demise forever!! God and Christianity win the battle!!