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Morning Briefing: 10 things you need to know this morning – June 2nd 2017

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Good morning.

Here’s what you need to know this Friday.

1. PROMISE KEPT: Trump Announces US Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump has made good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, undoing a crowning achievement of the Obama administration.

2. Obama: Trump ‘Rejects The Future,’ Calls For Cities, States To Go Forward Without Feds

Former President Barack Obama said Thursday that President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord is a rejection of “the future.”

3. Environmentalists Call Trump’s Trashing Of Global Warming Deal A ‘Suicide Note For Earth’ & Claim Withdrawal is ‘Racist’

Environmentalists are panicking over President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. “Donald Trump [is] issuing a suicide note for the rest of the world, including, ultimately, for the people of the United States, as well,” Kumi Naidoo, the former head of Greenpeace, told Democracy Now in an interview Thursday.

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4. VIDEO: New Classified Emails Show Huma Abedin Booked Chelsea Clinton On Free Trip to Germany On Taxpayer Money To Watch Soccer

Huma Abedin, through the White House in 2011, booked multi-millionaire Chelsea Clinton on a free US military round-trip charter flight to Germany to watch a soccer game. The US taxpayers also paid for her hotel costs and likely her food as well, per new bombshell emails released by Judicial Watch.

5. Former FBI Director James Comey Will Testify Next Week

Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee next Thursday, June 8, where he will be questioned regarding Russian interference in the election.

6. France’s Macron Tells Trump That Paris Deal Will Not Be ‘Renegotiated’

France’s President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that his country has no interest in taking up the Trump administration’s offer of renegotiating the terms of the Paris climate deal.

7. Trump Admin Enacts ‘Extreme Vetting’ For Certain Immigrants

A new visa application implemented by the State Department works to implement President Trump’s goal of “extreme vetting.”

8. Trump: Time To Put America Before Paris (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement Thursday and offered his supporters the promise to put American cities before the rest of the world.

9. Democrats Plot ‘Revolution’ To Circumvent Trump’s Paris Decision

Democratic officials have vowed to implement the goals of the Paris climate agreement, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the accord Thursday.

10. Trump: I Was Elected Represent The Citizens Of Pittsburgh, Not Paris (VIDEO)

President Trump’s summed up his reasons for pulling out of the Paris climate accord in one sentence.

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  • MatFan

    Obama must be monitored very closely. He is a law breaker. Catching him would stop Climate Change.