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More than half of U.S. adults want to legalize marijuana

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A new survey finds U.S. adults increasingly supportive of marijuana legalization, with 57 percent saying that the drug should be made legal.

The Pew Research Center’s findings highlight loosening opposition to legalization just a month before voters in five states will be asked whether they want to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

A decade ago, opposition was much stronger, with only 32 percent of U.S. adults favoring legalization.

The survey finds stark differences in opinion among different age groups. Among those between the ages of 18 and 35, support for marijuana legalization is the highest at 71 percent. The survey also found dramatic shifts in support for legalization among older Americans over the last two decades. – READ MORE

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  • Shaudi Sardi

    Here’s the answer to this, that NOBODY is getting!! We have GOT to STOP saying “legalize”..!! Legalize means ‘politicize’!!.. which means, under government supervision! Key word here.. UNDER!! Second, related key phrase, “subject matter”!! What was that first word of the phrase?… “subject”? ARE WE “subjects”?.. in a People’s Republic? Therefore, are our tomatoes, green beans, and hemp “subject”….matter? NO!! The correct process, IF, you are the MASTERS of YOUR creation of governing structure, is to DEMAND that all forms of Hemp BE REMOVED FROM THE “Controlled Substance” List!!! No regulation!… No different than the Tomato plants in your garden… FREE! Like we are supposed to be! How do the People in a People’s Republic become “subject” to their own “creation”!?!… Where you go whining to your de facto captors for “permission”!?!… asking for your “snivel rights”?? ARE YOU KIDDING?? No wonder they “work you” like a dockyard hoe, politically manipulating EVERYONE!… And yes, that means you too, NORML,,.. with all your expensive pettyfoggers… who were “educated” in “statue” prisons for their “duh-greez”… Since when does Title 29 of the “United States Code” have jurisdiction on my Patio?… or living room? No wonder our Country has become a “denizen dumpster”… of “stateless persons”… that’s why they believe they can command your every move! What “denizen dumpster” you say? The construction materials for it are found in U.S. Const., Art. 1, Sec. 9… did you fill out a “Census Form”? Hummm… Read WHO that was written FOR! While you’re catching up on your reading… log on to the “Census Bureau” site, and find the Glossary of Terms page. Take a look under the term “Birth”.

    Presented before a Grand Jury (of my Peers), as Special Prosecutor, I/we (with the jury) could fix this “conundrum” for everyone in less than 15 minutes!! …. and the myriad of crooks, thieves, and shysters would immediately STOP rubbing their grubby little paws together, over the prospect of “developing a new income stream” for their bankrupt and insolvent hell-hole!.. that they’ve absolutely run into the ground… and both We, and the “bounties of nature” that we produce WOULD BE FREE OF THEM! What a concept! Why didn’t anybody come up with that until now??… and write it up, as a Guaranteed, TRUST Agreement?… with all of us, as the CLEARLY DEFINED AND EXPRESSLY DESIGNATED BENEFICIARIES!?!

    If, you don’t GET IT… it’s only a matter of time before they come for your tomato and green bean plants too. If you ask them to trace the “genealogy” of their line of delegation of authority… in most cases, in about 3 branches of the Tree… they will FIND ALL OF YOU! START ACTING LIKE IT!

    What do you wanna do?… continue to be thrown on the ground with knees on your head… and dragged off for “special treatment”??… Don’t bother paying the pettyfoggers another nickel… THEY DEFINITELY can’t fix this for us…

    Nuff said… for now. You, let me know how each of you would like to proceed, in the Comments below.

    A Statesman and Restorationist… where have we all gone. Teste Meipso