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Miller Defends Trump’s Travel Ban: ‘This is the Apex of Presidential Power’ (VIDEO)

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Senior Presidential Advisor Stephen Miller responded forcefully to critics of the Trump Administration’s travel ban on seven Muslim majority countries on Fox News Wednesday night.

Miller said to host Sean Hannity, “let’s be clear. No alien in a foreign land has the right to demand entry into the United States of America. They could never have such a right. Rights adhere to people living inside the United States of America. Period.”


“The idea that even modest, sensible restrictions can’t be put in place to protect the safety and security of the American people defies description.”

Hannity noted that Judge James Robart, who placed a temporary restraining order of the enforcement of the travel ban, had based that ruling on the fact that he “didn’t know of any examples since 9/11 where that in fact had happened.”

Hannity also took issue with Judge Robart’s decision saying, “he rendered a decision based on things that we know are provably false.”

Miller then explained that the Trump Administration is working on publishing a list of foreigners admitted from the seven nations that fall under the travel ban who later became involved in terrorism in the United States.

Hannity agreed with Miller’s assessment of the stakes.

“I don’t say it lightly. These people that are fighting the inconvenience of people that want to visit us…they would have blood on their hands if one of them commits acts of terror.”


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  • Just a Joe

    Every time I hear these strokefests, I think, “Just whip out the lube and condoms.” Two men doing nothing but patting themselves on the back, spouting nothing but dribble. These two do nothing but propagate fear and dissension. Neither one has any creditability with regards to law, humanity, Constitutional rights, or even ethics. The more I see them, the more I think they were guys in high school no one wanted to be friends, but now they’re on TV, somehow they think they’re cool. Um… NO. Idiots in positions of power DOES NOT EQUATE to creditability.