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Mike Pence RIPS Associated Press For Publishing His Wife’s Email Address

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Vice President Mike Pence is calling for the Associated Press to apologize to his wife for publishing her personal email address in a news article on Friday, subjecting her to a slew of “vitriolic and malicious emails” on her private AOL account.

“I am writing to express grave concerns about the Associated Press recklessly and irresponsibly publishing the private e-mail address of Mrs. Karen Pence in an article dated March 3, 2017,” Mark Paoletta, Pence’s chief counsel, wrote to Associated Press CEO Gary Pruitt on Saturday.

The AP and other outlets reported this week that Pence used a private email address as governor of Indiana. An article from an AP reporter based out of the Indianapolis bureau detailed the records and included both the AOL addresses used by the Pences.

Paoletta said in his letter that the reporter who published the story told Pence’s press secretary that he did not know that Karen Pence was still using the email address. But when asked to revise the article to redact the email address, Paoletta said that the wire service refused to do so.

“Your organization was unwilling to retract the story, issue a correction, or even redact the e-mail from the story,” he wrote, adding that “there was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct.”

“Your organization should apologize to Mrs. Pence for violating her privacy,” the lawyer concluded.


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  • ancirnhao

    They absolutely should apologize to Mrs. Pence because they knew what they were opening her up to when they published her email address. The attacks by the Left on the families of this administration have been disgusting and show their true nature as immature, hateful excuses for human beings. I question the mental state of many on the Left. What is wrong with their thought processes that makes them think their behavior is acceptable because they lost an election? Even the Democratic leadership are showing themselves to be mentally off. We need to keep these people out of power positions because it is not something they are equipped to handle. Even the ExPresident can’t handle the fact that his term is over and it’s time to move on. I would never have thought that so many people are so messed up. Sad.