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MICHELLE OBAMA: They’re ‘making us’ move out of White House

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If Barack and Michelle Obama had their way, they’d likely never leave the White House.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina today, the first lady lamented having to leave the executive mansion.

“I can’t believe it’s almost Election Day,” Michelle Obama said.

“And we’re coming to the end of my family’s time in the White House,” she continued to boos. – READ MORE

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  • dikfor

    Bye Felicia.

  • Michael Biondo

    The 22 Amend say you time too go. should never , I mean Never been the likes of you in there, I not like Trump. i know Obama is not a American. for proof see Daily pen. or and this is 47 years of Hillary.Exhibit:t from E-mail 22518 Hillary is stuck on Trump penis and the Woman thing.So true. Nobody EVER holds Hillary
    Rodham Clinton to ANY standard at all. It’s disgraceful what she gets away with.( No spectacular failures, but no
    spectacular achievements either. )This is one reason their public image and favorability ratings tend to be so
    high(except in Hillary’s case, she just hasn’t been held to any high standard, we have just given her a pass, see
    above paragraph) .We know Clinton is talented..(pat, pat, pat) 4>Whatwe don’t know is how she’d do in a sustained
    negotiation or in coordinating and orchestrating a grander political and military design. Her capacity in that
    regard has never really been tested, and likely won’t be: You can’t be a John Quincy Adams negotiating a historic
    treaty with Spain, a Dean Acheson orchestrating the Truman Doctrine, or a George Marshall doing NATO unless
    Fortuna and your boss let you.( We The People Know how that worked out, BENGHAZI).highlighted the urgency of
    women’s issues (ah, those “women’s” issues she’s so, preoccupied with.

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