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Michael Shannon Suggests Trump Supporters Should Die

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Michael Shannon, the intense character actor who has developed a reputation as a very poor man’s Jack Nicholson, apparently lives up to his nasty reputation in real life. In a recent interview, the Hollywood star all but said he would rather every Trump voter die than actually accept the election results.

In an interview with Metro, Shannon said liberals should shun relatives who supported Trump, and said that if you were a Trump voter, “it’s time for the urn.”

The Hollywood actor, best known for his roles on “Boardwalk Empire” and as General Zod in the 2013 Superman film “Man of Steel” made the remarks during what was supposed to be an interview to support his new movie, “Midnight Creatures,” directed by fashion designer Tom Ford. – READ MORE

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  • pj2016

    Just another reprobate libtard actor venting his immoral opinions. Boring. Spend time writing about people that matter.

  • RedPillPlease

    “Love Trumps Hate” … feel the love anyone?
    If the left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  • ma

    Ignorant Republicans . Don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Maybe you all will get stds, covered with boils and die.

  • ma

    Honey. your ignorance and low intelligence is obvious. and guess what you do not matter, AT ALL!

  • fewdegreesright

    Sore loser. Period.

  • NavyVet
  • Darlene Zecca

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! It’s so funny that you lost! Obviously President TRUMPS supporters are the people of love!!! Thanks for being a sore loser!