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Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser

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  • Joseph

    As for Flynn not reporting all info to the VPOTUS, such could be on orders of the POTUS not to report. Also, remember that Truman was told nothing of the Manhattan Project when VP despite his inquires of all secret govt projects, nor was he briefed on the Yalta Conference, and there were no complaints then in either case.

    The two most significant type secrets that could possibly be discussed with Russia, wherein Russia would now be regarded as a USA ally, would involve an economic one [FOLLOW THE MONEY] of quid pro quo yielding for the preference of Russian natural gas to Europe as opposed to Qatar or Iran source with pipelines via Saudi Arabia [not Iranian gas], Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. The other secrets would be carefully chosen Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, inclusive of UFOs and extra terrestrials inclusive of found Stargates and legacy underground bases, that are largely technological, being the most secret of all USA secrets, that need Russian development and/or roll-out/reveal cooperation. All else pales by comparison.

    Saying that, IMHO, Russia, a country with only a 144 million population [incl. 20 million Muslims] and an existing economy only 60% as large as the State of California, an annual defense budget estimated at $47 billion that is less than one tenth of that of the USA, yet with the World’s largest country landmass and huge underdeveloped natural resources, they need become a very close USA ally, as same had historically occurred with the UK since the War of 1812.

    True, there are Cold War fossils in the Kremlin and FSB that are still fighting the Cold War, wherein same exists in the USA’s State and Defense Depts as well as IC. These morons are going to get us ALL killed! Hence, Michael Flynn’s Russian relationships are crucial to both peace and stability. Saying that, his resignation [firing?] will go down in history as a strategic and political blunder of the greatest proportion.

    Meaning that the POTUS needs not to accept Michael Flynn’s resignation ASAP.**

    **Only exception would be IC confirmed intel that Flynn was a Russian mole, being paid wherein such payment can provision the ability to blackmail. But if such were true, a USA double agent counter intelligence opportunity also would present itself. Meaning that the Russians would be aware of such possibility and, hence, why this mole scenario is simply very remote and Hollywood theatrical. And let’s add that a IC civil war now is in effect between the Obama-Clinton IC with Neocon Globalists vs. the Russia detente favoring IC and Real World.