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MELTDOWN: Dems Throw Unhinged Twitter Temper Tantrum After Sessions Confirmed As Attorney General

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Democrats went into a mad frenzy Wednesday evening after the Senate confirmed Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as U.S. Attorney General, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

The 52-47 vote fell along party lines, with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin representing the lone Democrat vote in favor of the Alabama senator.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has emerged as one of Session’s harshest critics, and fired off a series of erratic Tweets moments after Sessions was confirmed.


Other Democrats reacted with a similar tone.

“We need to continue to be brave, and to be strong,” New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker said in a video message over Twitter, telling his followers that he and others were up and fighting “around the clock against the Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.


Sen. Booker became the first U.S. senator to testify against the nomination of a fellow U.S. senator to a cabinet position when he blasted Sessions during his confirmation hearing Jan. 11.

New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that the confirmation of Jeff Sessions “turned my stomach.”


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders blasted the confirmation, saying that Sessions will not stand up to the President.


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued a statement Wednesday evening, asserting that Session’s record as a public servant and attorney was “historically weak and questionable” on support for “voting rights, police accountability and the rights of immigrants and women.”

Some in the Democratic party did not take the advice of Chicago Mayor and former chief of staff to former President Barack Obama, who told fellow Democrats to “take a chill pill,” in a speech at Stanford University this week.

Sessions said he will resign from his office at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, with plans to be sworn in as Attorney General Thursday morning.


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  • alvindawg

    Every one of these people sat and allowed Obama’s AG destroy and not enforce laws, ran guns to mexico, had discussions with the husband of the woman your department was investigating and these people expect the Amercian People that elected Donald Trump to give a shit about there concerns.

  • jjmikemike

    Worried about prosecution for #PizzaGate related activities, I suspect.

  • Warren Ellis

    Bernie Sanders
    “We need an attorney general to stand up to the president and explain the Constitution to him. ”

    For the past 8 years…

  • ancirnhao

    These people are disgusting with their faux outrage already. I swear I will never vote for a Democrat for any position ever after the way these people are behaving, both the elected officials and the electorate. The Democrats are being exposed for the despicable people they are. And Bernie Sanders is just as big of a scumbag as the rest of them. He tried to portray himself as a “man of the people”. He is a career politician who has been bought off by Hillary. I wonder what dirt she has on him.