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Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn Weren’t Feeling Meryl Streep’s Ridiculous Anti-Trump Golden Globes Speech

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Two well-known Hollywood conservatives who were in the room also weren’t exactly feeling Streep’s address. And at one point, the camera panned on them and we got this reaction shot.

Yep. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, who worked together on the war film Hacksaw Ridge, didn’t look thrilled with what Streep was saying.

Once they were shown on screen, we got a decent amount of reaction on Twitter to their expressions. – READ MORE

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  • Dayna Beadel Smith

    This photo speaks volumes ! Will never spend another dime on anything they do ! I will not support such hatred and loathing that they appeared to have for Meryl Streep. Bad timing for the both of them since they have a new movie that I won’t be seeing, ever ! We know Mel Gibson is batshit crazy like Trump. Never expected Vince Vaughn to be so as well ! Oh, well !

  • Maria J C De SOUZA

    Well …. and I will never ever again spend money again on any Meryl Streep’s movies …kkk