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Megyn Kelly: TV News’ Scantily-Clad, Poor Man’s Susan B. Anthony

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Megyn Kelly loves to boast that her Fox News TV show is all about “women’s rights” and sticking up for this allegedly downtrodden gender, which by the looks of Fox TV’s valley-of-the-dolls lineup, is far from down and out at all.

Kelly’s Norma Rae shtick, however, has worn thin among Americans, especially women. According to Kelly’s ratings slide, few women side with the bleach-blonde as any sort of advocate for their rights. Instead, Megyn promotes Megyn. And slams Donald Trump. If she can do both in a segment, well that sometimes makes for great television like Tuesday’s prime time battle and subsequent beat down by Newt Gingrich.

But what does it do for journalism? Who said Kelly is a journalist. She clearly is not.


It must be some prerequisite to model early in your “journalism” career in lingerie if you plan to spend the latter part of that career sticking up for women’s rights on the national TV stage. Funny though, I don’t remember Susan B. Anthony in her underwear fighting for a woman’s right to vote and civil rights for women. We’ll have to ask Larry King. Her knew her.


Perhaps we missed the history lesson in college because it was always tucked in at the 8 am slot, and well, as budding journalists we were normally hungover because all journalism majors minored in drinking. But again, I remember studying social activist, writer, and lecturer Gloria Steinem, the poster girl for women’s rights since the late 1960s. I never saw Gloria wearing eight-inch red heels with straps or posing for saucy photo shoots. Maybe that is what Steinem was missing. Think of the mileage she could have milked from a “Dress Like a Hooker for Women’s Rights” campaign.

But Megyn is different. She’s a special kind of woman’s advocate. Dorothy Day had nothing on her, except much more clothing. Through 240 years of women in America, all the great female leaders fighting for women’s rights never discovered Megyn’s patented cable television formula of:

  • Exploiting your body and physical attributes at every turn
  • Teasing your mini skirt’s hemline to showcase your legs through a glass TV studio desk
  • Constantly updating your saucy hair style du jour
  • Posing in lingerie and seductive positions in men’s magazines
  • Flirting with male guests
  • Flirting with male anchors
  • Allegedly sleeping with male anchor(s) too. Google Brit Hume.

But all done in the name of promoting women’s rights. A true pioneer, like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

When does the TV movie air on Lifetime?


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  • Guest

    Megyn Kelley is a sting bean, isn’t very hot without makeup, and has no integrity and no journalistic skills. She is nothing but a brain dead puppet for those who want to bash Trump. Meggy’s next assignment should be standing next to Kaeperduck in the men’s locker room near the toilets as that is where the two bimbos belong. Close to the toilets for a quick flush to their careers.

  • The Darker Side


  • golfcrackerjack

    makes me sad to say that I’m now done with an anchor who I once thought
    was the best on TV. In recent months the quick, bright (and once
    lovely) Megyn crossed the line separating being clever & insightful
    into the realm of self-centeredness and smarty-pants-arrogance.
    Perhaps she is auditioning for MSNBC? Or maybe for White House Press
    Secretary in an HRC administration? Regardless I feel sorry for hubby
    Doug — and more sorry for the nation in light of Kelly’s foolish and
    sexist-victimhood attempts to destroy Trump, while helping elect HRC.
    And Kelly’s increasingly bad ratings show I’m not alone — what a
    arrogant dummy she is as she pours fuel on her own on-air
    self-immolation. Maybe O’Reilly can get her a job doing weather in

  • H. Zayre

    I mean, if I seen her in a T Club and she were on that pole, I’d give her a $20 bill just because I’d feel sorry for this has-been heifer being reduced to lap dances because her TV career tanked after she attacked Donald Trunk!

  • Geo

    On a very reliable source….MK knew exactly how to best get through Albany Law School and it wasn’t hitting the books.

    I have long given up on her, she was once very promising and inciteful, then morphed right into ver 2.0 of B’ore. Her ratings are now a reflection of her slide.

  • Tammy Poitras

    We shouldn’t have done the pictures.. but I was not happy with her at all last night, she didn’t get the point the Newt was trying to tell her what she was saying, instead kept saying the same obnoxious discriptions of Trump!

  • Jazz88

    I swear to God, Trump supporters and their spelling and grammar. It’s so funny.