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Meet California’s 218,667 Public Employees Making Over $100,000/Year

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Open the Books is back with another important government transparency report. This time, the organization looked closely at California payrolls, and found that 218,667 public sector employees earn six-figure salaries (in many cases far above that threshold), at a cost of $35 billion.

If Californians are fine with this sort of thing, more power to them, but it’s important to be knowledgable about where and how tax dollars are spent.

Below are a few highlight’s from Adam Andrzejewski’s (founder of Open the Books) recent article published at Forbestitled, ‘$100K Minimum Wage’ For 220,000 Highly-Compensated California Public Employees Costs Taxpayers $35B – READ MORE

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  • huntress

    Gotta love the brain dead cali’s. Put a fence around this idiot state and hope it falls in the ocean.. Just don’t spread your stupidity to all other states before that happens.

  • Norman Jonah

    Go to “Transparent California” for truly outrageous facts about what public employees make. type in your city or county.