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Marine Corps may end classic recruiting slogan ‘The Few, The Proud’

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“The Few. The Proud,” may soon end as the U.S. Marine Corps‘ recruiting slogan.

Americans have seen the Marines’ classic slogan in television ads and in recruiting material since 1977, but a new generation is primed for something different. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has approved an advertising campaign that gives writers permission to discard the tagline.

“‘The Few, The Proud,’ does a great job distinguishing ourselves from the other branches and making us prestigious to recruits, but it doesn’t say anything about what we do or why we exist,” Lt. Col. John Caldwell, a spokesman for Marine Corps Recruiting Command, told the Marine Corps Times on Monday. “The new products are going to frame everything that we do as a fight — a fight that we intend to win.” – READ MORE

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  • ddearborn


    Well I suppose that makes sense given that the Marines, like every other branch of the service are now acting as nothing more than proxy mercenaries and terrorists for Israel. As a group, the US military has been directly responsible for the death of well over 2 Million innocent civilians, most of whom were women and children. Not to mention the added bonus of creating over a hundred million refugees and homeless families. Marines fighting in the Middle East have been serving Israel since 9-11, not America and not for the American people. Refugees which are now pouring into Europe and the US.

    And I am sure that Washington is drooling over the prospect of sending women into combat in Syria so they can claim they were murdered by the big bad Russians in order to justify the illegal war against Syria. We were lied into WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq in 1991, and of course every single war since 9-11. Given that the average adult in the US is know well aware of these facts, claiming to be serving “America” with the full knowledge that when sent to the Middle East these Marines will be serving Israel lends even more credence to the idea that such service is neither noble or just and thus does not justify accolades and adulation.

    For record: I am an honorably discharged 11B. I did my time and served my country. But I would not then, nor will I ever serve or fight for a foreign power. Never…….But that is just me.

  • Donna Marshall

    Thank you! Not many people know this. The public believes the American news, which NEVER publishes the truth about the US and Israel (among other truths).

    I never believe American news!

    Please post what you know everywhere.