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Man Who Threatened To Kill Republican Lawmaker Has The Greatest Mugshot Of All Time

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Steve St. Felix, 33, was arrested Monday after he threatened to kill a Republican lawmaker in Florida, and his smile for the mugshot camera is legendary.

Florida State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz called the police when he saw Felix’s threat online, due to the June 14 shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

Steve St. Felix (Miami-Dade Corrections)

Steve St. Felix (Miami-Dade Police)

“I’ll kill your ass and you better not show up to the next REC meeting,” Felix wrote on Facebook.

Felix reportedly said he was “fed up” with the Republican Party, but claimed that he hadn’t taken his meds when he made the comment, the Herald reported.

Felix is charged with making written threats with intent to do bodily injury.

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  • negutron

    Too bad for MSM that we have his mugshot, because with a name like Felix, they’d try to convince us he’s a white german and likely republican