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Majority Of Republicans Believe Barack Obama Wiretapped Donald Trump

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Most Republicans believe that Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump.

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According the results of a poll conducted by CBS, 74 percent of voters who said they were Republicans agreed that the former president likely wiretapped or surveilled Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

Only 21 percent of Democratic voters think it happened.

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That same poll — which surveyed 1,088 people — also found that most voters think members of the Trump campaign had “improper communications” with Russian government agents during the election. At least 59 percent of voters said it likely happened, while 37 percent said it likely did not.

Sixty-three percent of voters deemed it necessary to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.


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  • huntress

    Unless you’re living under a rock, of course okenyan wiretapped Trump. All the proof is there. Trump would never have said this from the beginning unless he had absolute proof and obviously he is correct once again!!

  • Laura

    I must be in the minority then because I dont think there is anything bad between the campaign and Trump except that they signaled they would discuss sanctions after election but then Obama set that up by slapping a ridiculous amount of sanctions for something they had not even proven. Not to mention something this country has done for years and we the people want that action stopped. All countries should have the right to their own fair elections w/o other countries influence and money. Obama also set up the meeting between the Russian diplomat and Sessions. Time after time Obama tried to play the game of catching something bad by illegally monitoring everything the Trump people did by useing legakl surveillance in a way that could garner the information on the team they wanted.The fact he found so little should actually cause a sigh of relief. Democrats will never do that though because they no longer really represent the people they represent their own identity and their own ends.