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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Calls Hillary a Criminal But Voted For Her Anyway Because Trump is “Moscow’s Man” (Video)

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We used to like Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, especially when he was tuning up President Barack Obama during some of his viral TV news rants.

Turns out, however, this guy is just another stooge on a government pension. Anyone who says they would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is an attache to the Kremlin is a certified dummy. Based on his comments on the Fox Business Channel on Monday to host Stuart Varney, Peters can no longer be taken seriously.

Bright Spot: At least he is no longer active duty and making decisions that could effect the lives of other soldiers.

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  • Hunsaker5225

    Another idiot liberal democrat. What a stupid mindset this guy has.

  • Mac mcintire

    Guys a loser, I think he was a intel officer. Not really sure. Has no real sources. Gets upset at little things, has criticized Clinton on emails, classsifies, then said she should be in jail, then votes for her. What a idiot