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Loss Of FBI Reputation Irredeemable: James Comey Should Resign

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The FBI’s erosion of reputation – taking place this very day and minute as a result of the Clinton email mess –could not have happened to a more deserving operation.

For 75 years, the FBI has terrorized the American public with increasing vigor and brutality. Much of the FBI “crimes” it focuses on – insider trading and the like – weren’t even thought to be criminal a few decades ago.

It is increasingly clear that the drug-dealing prosecuted by the FBI takes place at the highest levels of America’s political office. Enough has been reported (certainly in the alternative media) about Clinton/Bush/CIA cocaine or heroin dealings to generate what may be a believable profile of these operations. – READ MORE

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  • Resign? He should be in jail!

  • Indiana420

    Comey aided and abetted in the destruction of THE RULE OF LAW. Disgraced himself, his organization, and the nation founded on that rule of law. He is no longer fit to hold that position. He laid down with the Clinton’s once again and he won’t get back up this time!

  • Carpi Diem

    The political, ruling elite do not care what confidence we don’t have in the FBI or even the government. These politically appointed individuals are placed high in the govt. to protect them.

  • Anthony Bergamo

    Another reason for me to vote for Trump

  • gkoogz

    The whole investigation reeked of cronyism and backdoor backrubs. The moment that sealed the deal for me was when Bill Clinton was caught climbing onto Loretta Lynch’s plane by a passerby reporter DAYS before the announcement of No Indictment. She is the one that would have done the prosecution! Talk about conflict of interest! She should have immediately recused herself and perhaps resigned. But no. “We will do what the FBI recommends” my ass!

  • ScotNot

    To be replaced by whom?

  • FrenchLozenge

    There is still a chance of honor for him.. Resignation – and with it a stinging rebuke of what HIS boss did with the info. Lynch took a good group of people and rubbed them down with Clinton scum. Nothing will get it out/off so he should release himself (as a person of integrity) from the whole thing and SHOW the world how corrupt the DOJ is with it’s current head (very few of us knew her Clinton ties/on purpose). This is not the only thing that the DOJ cherry picks (hate crimes and how they are unequally applied for starters) as Mr. Holder showed us by his own example. What happens when you or I have to trust the integrity of ‘American justice’? The people protesting on the streets are only a microcosm of what A LOT of us feel over this very issue.. For what, Clinton? Really? ‘Protect Hillary’? Yeah.. That was worth it – Sickening.

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  • Queens Lawyer

    Dear Republicans: Have you ever considered that the reason all the Clinton scandals went nowhere is that there was no wrong doing?
    Maybe the problem is that you don’t like the answers you are hearing and that Hillary Clinton is actually a good person and a decent and honest politician? Leading up to his Clinton announcement Republicans were singing Comey’s praise saying how honest and committed he was to doing the right thing.
    Plus “We have always been at war with Eurasia.” Have you read 1984?