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‘Lock Her Up’: Untold Story of Hillary Clinton’s Disgrace in Haiti

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After Wikileaks released Hillary Clinton’s personal emails it became clear that the US response to Haiti earthquake back in 2010 was hardly a “success story.”

“People were still in mourning, about three weeks after the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, when the US Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, wrote a situation paper for the State Department, and he cheerfully titled a section of it ‘The Gold Rush is on!’ Thanks to a Wikileaks cable from February 1, 2010, we know that the State Department was privately cheering Haiti’s misfortune while Secretary Hillary Clinton was publicly acting like she was heartbroken about Haiti,” Dr. Dady Chery, a Haitian-born journalist and News Junkie Post Co-Editor in Chief told Sputnik.

“The gold rush meant an avalanche of Haitian contracts to private businesses. It also meant many grants and contracts from USAID to politically connected contractors from the Washington DC area. Most of them were ‘Friends of Bill,’ or ‘FOBs,’ who had made donations to the Clinton Foundation, as we also learned from an ABC News investigation and Freedom of Information Act documents,” Chery continued.

The journalist recalled that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave out about $1.5 billion of grants and contracts for the Caribbean country in 2010 but only 35 percent of the sum was spent by 2012. – READ MORE

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  • What unutterable #bullshitandbalderdash …. Is this the far right fascist’s way of defelcting atention away from the avaricious, vacuous, racist, misogynist reality television buffoon?

  • Jan C

    Hey moron..This happened way before Donald Trump ran for President..It is fact. The Clinton Foundation only pays out less than 5% to causes..The rest is pocketed..Haitians had a lot to do with Hillary losing Fl..They all made sure they came out and voted for Trump. Why do you think they hate the Clintons so much..There is also Child trafficing going on there, and the Clintons are involved with that too..This info was on Anthony Weiners server, and NYPD was going to make arrests, but Loretta Lynch stopped it..Lot of high profile people involved..It won’t stay silent that much longer..Trump will make sure of that. The Clintons are filthy trash perverts.

  • Clearly you are intelligent life with that salutation. Crawl back under your rock, you are making the place stink.