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Liberals in Global Outrage That Professional Attire Is Expected at the White House

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Liberals are outraged across the globe because employees are expected to dress professionally in the White House.

Donald Trump has “angered feminists all over again,” this time for comments he did not make. The outrage originated from an Axios report Thursday that quoted an unnamed source who claimed to have worked for the Trump campaign who said, “Trump likes the women who work for him ‘to dress like women.'” – READ MORE

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  • William

    I am a liberal and this is the first I’ve heard of it. It’s also no reason to be outraged.
    True Pundit must be one of those fake news sites.

  • jubadoobai

    The people on the Left are so stupid it’s incredible. They start anti-Trump lies, spread them, get outraged by their own lies, and blame Trump for things they said. In other words, they’re dragging their empty heads in a useless circle. What a bunch of morons. The pity of it is, the stupidity is global. Who knew there were so many idiots on this God’s green earth?!?!

  • Κύριλλος Wickenberg

    What is the source of your liberal fake news? CNN, MSNBC or Huff Post? Can you substantiate it? Or is it something you just dream up?

  • Lynette Johnson

    If you actually READ the True Pundit article it direct links to:

    You would then see that ALL of the following TOXIC sources spread this Liberal Insanity of a story:

    The Huffington Post, BBC News, TIME, the Telegraph, the Guardian, Marie Claire, Yahoo!
    The Indian Express, Axios report, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Irish Examiner

    Have you never heard of nor read from any of these sources?

    These Liberal Rags are claiming Liberal Outrage, NOT True Pundit which is just behaving as a INFO source

    I do believe you are a Liberal, your clueless ability to lack any basic understanding validates.