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Liberals Celebrate Parallels Between ‘House of Cards’ and Trump Presidency

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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from season 5 of House of Cards.

Ever since Donald Trump entered the political sphere, liberals have loved comparing him to the sleazy, power-hungry Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Released in its entirety on Netflix on May 30, the fifth season of House of Cards contained some eerie parallels between the Underwood White House and liberal fantasies of the Trump White House.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us, “If this season of House of Cards feels prescient, that’s because the minds behind the critically acclaimed series did their research.” The show runners “looked into what could happen based on what has already been simmering in America.”

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  • Damn Skippy

    LIBERALS: That’s all they got . Some actors and a play.
    We got TRUMP and he is making MAGA —>daily.
    VOTED in by the silent majority, he represents the patriots and our will. He is our TRUE third party candidate…..hated by republicants and Dems alike.