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Liberal Journalists Think Their Readers Don’t Have Basic Social Skills

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, liberal news outlets have spun themselves into a frenzy trying to teach basic social skills to their readers so they can “survive” the annual holiday.

The New York Times’s Michael Barbaro — whose past stories have resembled Hillary Clinton erotica — put together a “guide” for talking to “loved ones who voted the other way.” “You may need to have this talk,” Barbaro wrote. “So we put together a guide for how to do it.”

Apparently worried that NYT readers might let word choice ruin a conversation, Barbaro offered this profound advice: “Don’t let imperfect word choice tank a conversation.” The bespectacled Barbaro recommended Times readers ask family members to “Describe your relationship to me.”

CNN’s AJ Willingham wrote a Thanksgiving “survival guide” that urged readers to “stick to nonthreatening conversations.” – READ MORE