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Liar in Chief: Kenyan Brother Released Obama’s Alleged True Birth Certificate; Not from Anywhere Near United States

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Liar in Chief: Kenyan Brother Alegedly Released Obama’s True Birth Cetrificate; Not from Unitred States

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  • xdmocrt

    Not very surprising to most of us!

  • CJ 7

    Malik better watch his six

  • NaturalBoredCitizen

    Seen it before many times from an American who acquired it many years ago, so if Malik acquired this as an original book copy in Kenya as his brother now we’ve seen 2 and the second one from Malik is a nuclear bomb. Everybody in D.C. before Trump should be in Guantanamo after losing all assets like Madoff. Then firing squads

  • Robin Sharp

    Obama applied to Harvard Law School as a Kenyan. Back in the day HLS wanted to get as many “foreign” students as possible to sound more “international”. Harvard Business School had developed an international reputation and HLS was trying to do the same. It was easier to get in to HLS if you were foreign. Trump needs to unseal Obama’s HLS application. All will be revealed.

  • lechevre

    Always wondered if he was born in Hawaii how did he get a SS card from CT?

  • lechevre

    Trump was right….AGAIN!

  • jubadoobai

    If he got a foreign student visa and had a CT address, he would be issued an SS as part of the package.

  • Disgusted with the GOP

    Obama and Hillary should be in jail.