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Lemon: CNN ‘Sets The Standard For Integrity’

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Tuesday, CNN’s Don Lemon described his employer as the pinnacle of journalistic integrity during a news segment ostensibly examining pervasive left-wing political bias in the news media.


“I have to say that, I work for this news organization and I think that it sets the standard for integrity,” said Lemon of his employer.


Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, had earlier spoken to prevalence of left-wing and Democrat political biases across the American landscape by citing emails leaked by Wikileaks indicating collusion between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and news outlets such as The New York Times and Politico. – READ MORE

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  • Daphne

    Wow !!!

    I Guess Don the Lemon ….Nor the Clinton News Network ..Understand the Meaning of Integrity …….

    Because Integrity …..Certainly hasn’t been Used at CNN for at Least 2 yrs …Maybe Longer …..

    Don the Lemon is as Bad and Untrustworthy as the Rest ……the way he can Sit there and Blatantly Lie ….
    About Integrity & Honesty …..or Maybe he just Lacks Comprehension ..Skills …

    People Don’t Want your Opinions …they want only the Facts .so they can Form their Own Opinion ….

  • Spartacus34

    Yes because giving poll results to the Clinton campaign before anyone else and handing Hillary Clinton questions that will be used in a debate is ethical and shows integrity. These people are unbelievable, they are so used to corruption and bias that when it is proven that it has occurred, they still show no reaction, as if it is “just the status quo”. CNN has bent over backwards to accommodate Hillary and her campaign, they run anti-Trump and before that anti-Sanders stories and use over sampled polls to announce the result the hope for, not what is reality.

  • bonnie


  • Bonni W

    CNN is just like the Clinton’s, they spout a bunch of garbage expecting us to swallow it like we are all stupid. HELLO! You cheated!!!! Therefore your reputation is shattered. Clinton News Network indeed. I won’t watch your station again. So sick of the trend of people that don’t own up and take punishment for their mistakes. This what’s wrong with our younger generations, you no longer make morals important. SHAME ON YOU!!

  • Teebar TotemPlaster

    Is he auditioning for a position on Hillary’s Spin Ream? If so, his ability to ignore the blindingly obvious gives him a big boost in his qualifications. If he fails their test for criminal mendacity then he still has his CNN job as a fall-back position

  • charles freeland II

    Cnn setting the standard is like China setting the standard for what can be called “food”

  • SF.Spring4040

    He’s just a boot-licking State sycophant.