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Legal News Site Predicts Mueller Will Be Fired In Next 100 Days

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A legal news site published an article Friday stating that special counsel Robert Mueller will not last another 100 days.

LawNewz, a publication founded by ABC News anchor Dan Abrams, surmised that President Donald Trump would find a way to have Mueller removed. Trump has described the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt,” in addition to calling media coverage “fake news,” indicating that the collusion accusations have hit a personal note.

“We think it won’t be longer than 100 days before Trump pulls the trigger and ‘Comey’ Mueller (no he can’t technically fire him but he can certainly order it and make it happen),” the article said.

The piece described Mueller as “unassailable” and an “apolitical public servant,” whose firing would trigger major backlash for the administration.

LawNewz staff writers preempted any actual decision on Mueller’s fate with their own version of what they think will happen when the White House lets him go:

– Mueller’s friendship with Comey (the ultimate in disingenuous circular reasoning)

– Some other yet to be discovered and invented bias on the part of Mueller and his team

– The cost of the investigation

– The need to focus on “more important” issues

The writers made it clear that no crime has been proven yet, but with the intense political climate and intense media scrutiny, “the clock starts now.”

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  • MatFan

    Mueller is breaking the law by investigating his friend Comey.

  • Anthony Simon1

    Comey is a witness not a suspect .. Strange how no one puts the pieces together

  • democrat CockRoach

    I can’t figure out what the HELL he’s doing with our tax dollars? I heard he’s in cahoots with hillary selling OUR uranium to PUTIN for $150MILLION.

  • SRVES339

    Comey seems to be the only one in the story who may actually be guilty of a crime though… and if not, just who is “the Suspect”… he said rhetorically.
    Snowflakes using federal funding to go after the duly elected POTUS… lock them all up!

  • Tish

    My Congressman “Rep. Ron DeSantis” frm Daytona beach, Florida is calling for the end to this farce.. he stated that Mueller hired the entire legal dept of the DNC, not one Republican or Independent of which there are many to choose frm.. More importantly..Mueller is not investigating any particular wrongdoing, he is searching for something to investigate better known as a witch hunt.. Democrats refuse to hand over a server which was allegedly.hacked by Russians… Having it examined could have ended this investigation on day 1, or more likely.. no Russian hacking was found to be done … I for one will be calling my congressman Ron DeSantis to let him know, hes 100% correct, we support his call to end the witch hunt and demand every GOP member support the peoples choice for president or face the wrath of pissed off Americans Capital-Hill-ph# 202-225-3121

  • 4godandcountry

    I don’t believe anything anybody associated with the MSM says…period.

  • RobietheCat

    It appears Comey leaked classified material. He’s now a suspect.
    Try to keep up.

  • Anthony Simon1

    Really ,, Lynch / Clinton ? Rice / Yates ? Comey is outing every one who is swamp and vindicated Trump so how is it we conclude he is the bad guy

  • Rick Myles

    Worthless AG Sessions should have already appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate Comey’s leaks and whether he knowingly used fraudulent documents (pee dossier) to illegally obtain FISA warrants.

  • Morgan_Said

    The question is, …Is Mueller representing “The Swamp”?

  • Dave Nesbitt

    He is so corrupt. I can’t even believe he didn’t immediately step down when the conflict became obvious. Double Standard.

  • Dave Nesbitt

    He’s also an obvious suspect in the Clinton-Lynch collusion.

  • Morgan_Said

    I don’t know how Comey can get away with stating that (by leaking to the media) he hoped to be able to get an Independent Prosecutor assigned … when the FBI’s only task is to investigate…NOT to determine the merits of prosecution.

  • william couch

    Truthfully,, I’m surprised he hasn’t committed suicide like others with clit on ties.. Let us keep up the body count!!

  • william couch

    !!YES !!

  • Hell And A Hand Basket

    Didn’t Mr. Snowden provide proof that NSA mines for, and holds an electronic record of EVERYTHING said/done by EVERYONE in the USofA…?
    So, we can safely state this ONE thing to be an absolute truth ————>
    ——–> Had ANY collusion/conspiring/obstruction blah blah blah occurred – NSA would have located it, and tucked it away for future exposure.
    Yet – we hear crickets indirectly from NSA (of course NSA can’t come right-out and provide the info, but they CAN funnel it to Trump oppositions) NOTHING Burgers …it’s what’s for dinner.

  • I C Black Racists

    Mueller is taking his appointment, to investigate one issue, and making his power into a powerful agency to attack everything President Trump is wanting to accomplish. ( and which I voted for ) Mueller is the epitome of evil, and eventually Trump will stop trying to be evenhanded, and will appoint only those who support him. The Democrats are now screwing themselves, along with the rest of the USA.

  • Rebecca Warren

    The has been a sham since word go…American people will not accept anything Muehller and his team says! Too compromised!

  • MatFan

    Leaking government docs makes him a suspect now.

  • A_V

    Add Anatoli Samochornov, another swamp rat.