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LA Times Columnist Uses Same Debunked Stat To Slam GOP Health Care Bill

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A column published Friday in the Los Angeles Times accuses the Republican health care bill of having “no problem throwing you off of a building,” but the assessment is based on the problematic Congressional Budget Office report.

The columnist, David Lazarus, bases his opinion of the bill on the CBO report, which relied on debunked projections to conclude that 23 million more people will be without health care coverage by 2026 under the AHCA relative Obamacare.

Lazarus, describes the bill as a “horror show”and asks “what kind of politician would commit such a monstrous act?”

Lazarus concedes that “The Affordable Care Act did little to address insanely high treatment costs and was poorly structured in terms of ensuring that younger and healthier people joined the risk pool, thus bringing down costs for all.”

While he acknowledges the problems associated with Obamacare, he claims the Republican lawmakers trying to address those issues are motivated by a desire to “please rich benefactors.”

He concludes his piece with a dramatic quote from Bruce Willis’ character in “Die Hard” to counsel Republican lawmakers, “Quit being a part of the friggin’ problem.”

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