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Kushner, Ivanka, Soros, Schumer, And More Mingle In The Hamptons

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Where does political polarization end? The Hamptons.

On Saturday, some of the world’s most powerful politicians, celebrities, and billionaires from both sides of the aisle congregated at Washington Post editor Lally Weymouth’s Southampton home for champagne, cocktails, and fried chicken. The star-studded guest list included Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, George Soros, Kellyanne Conway, Steven Spielberg, Bill Bratton, Charles Koch, Carl Icahn, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, among others.

Twitter was less than thrilled.

On Monday, guests are expected to resume partisan warfare.

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  • tpalya

    Trump’s top Lieutenants hanging out with Soros and all the while they are trying to convince us that repeal and replace is anything but Obamacare 2.0. WE ARE SO BEING PLAYED.

  • TotallyDomestic


  • Ann Marie

    Indeed it is disgusting to know that Ivanka, her husband and Kellyanne Conway would even want to be in the same area as Soros a man well known for wanting to destroy America!!!

  • fed up

    Disappointing but know that is the world we live in. and we don’t know the real reason the Kuschner’s were there. our Maria Bartiromo was also there for FBN. so hope she gives us the Scoop on Wed or Thurs. Wonder why ole Nancy Pelosi wasn’t there and Sheila Jackson, such haters of President Trump. Oh well , Just as long as President Trump doesn’t give in to the OWO we will be ok.. I still support him. but hate Soros and his minions

  • Steve Fye