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Journalists Are Furious After White House Says They Will Hold The Press ‘Accountable’

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(Daily Caller) White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer attacked press coverage of President Donald Trump’s inauguration Saturday and said that the White House will hold the press “accountable.” Journalists from a variety of outlets expressed dismay about Spicer’s statement.

Spicer’s attack on the press came after President Trump visited the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters and said he has a “running war with the media, they are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth.” Trump was upset that much of press coverage of his Friday inauguration was devoted to the idea that the event attracted less visitors to Washington than previous ones.

Trump’s press secretary then later in the day delivered a statement in which he said the president had, “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” Spicer added, “We’re going to hold the press accountable as well. The American people deserve better.”

The response from journalists on Twitter was swift.

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd wrote, “I’ve run out of adjectives.” New York magazine writer Jessie Singal said, “We are watching an authoritarian leader’s parallel-universe information dissemination infrastructure take place.”

“THAT WAS FUCKING INSANE. He just unleashes a tirade at the press, lies that it was the biggest inaugural ever, takes no questions. OMG.” Singal added. Daily Beast journalist Olivia Nuzzi said that Spicer “ominously promised” to hold the press accountable.

David Bernstein, a contributing editor at Boston Magazine, tweeted that Spicer’s statement was “insane” and added, “this is crazytown.” Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca wrote, “In all seriousness, what Sean Spicer said today was an unmitigated act of propaganda.”

Rowaida Abdelaziz, a social media editor at The Huffington Post, said, “Sean Spicer says that the admin is ‘going to hold the press accountable.’ Not sure it works that way.”

Matt Viser, deputy washington bureau chief for The Boston Globe, tweeted, “The White House is trying to take us into post-factual America. The press, and the public, cannot let that happen.”

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  • Daniel Brofford

    We America citizens are tired of you MSM telling lies and instead of just reporting the news and letting people make of it what they will you guys try to feed us a bunch of crap. You want us to believe what you want us too. It’s not going to work any more and either thing are going to change across the board or you will be trying to cover a civil war but you won’t be able to because we will make sure you are part of it. Let’s come together as Americans and make this country as good as we can and stop trying to give it away to people that want to come here and change it. We want to be Americans and we want for America to be the best that it can. That doesn’t mean we want to screw over other nations but we are going to take care of ourselves and let the other country’s take care of themselves. Some times we will do things that are good for more nations then just us and some times what we do might not include other nations. We don’t owe other people of the world a place to live and a good meal everyday. When we can we do that but we are 20 trillion dollars in debt 10 of it thanks to obama so we live like we are rich compared to other nation but if we keep it up we will be eating out of garbage cans. You people either report the truth or we will not pay attention to you guys anymore. There are company’s I don’t buy from any more because they advertise on CNN MSNBC and a few other channels. We are trying to get as many people on board as possible. Stop telling lies and maybe one day we will watch you again until then my tv does not go to those channels.

  • Kathleen Raaum Wilson

    And, they are insulted for hearing the truth? Oh mmm gee…….lol

  • Maddog Tanner

    F*@# the lame stream media!!! I have not watched or listen to them in over 20 years. They can all close shop as far as I am concern!!!

  • nSsgCdS2Tu

    The truth hurts! When the MSM can start providing the news as news and not their own twisted leftist propaganda then we the people will watch it again, and your feet won’t have to be held to the flames. But until then, if you can’t tell the news without your twisted fairy tale versions, opinions or political views then I say SHUT IT DOWN! People are sick to death of you trying to continuously feed the public your one sided leftist look at the world!!!