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Joint Terrorism Task Force Agents Investigating Deadly Hoboken Train Crash

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Joint Terrorism Task Force investigators are now on the scene of this morning’s deadly train crash in Hoboken N.J., that killed at least three commuters and inured over 100 others, according to law enforcement sources.

Preliminary intelligence, sources said, suggest the crash may have been cause by train conductor error, However, given the magnitude of the crash, Federal terrorism investigators are determining whether terror-related sabotage is responsible. It is early in the crash probe and sources are not directly pinpointing terrorism. However, as reported by True Pundit 10 days ago, FBI, JTTF and Homeland agents did anticipate further terror-related activity in the New York City metro area, based on intelligence, following the recent bombings in New York City and New Jersey by terror suspect Ahman Rahami.

This story is developing.


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  • jj333

    I applaud your ability to expose the truth and reveal what true journalism was meant to be.

  • tyranny-saurus wrecks

    Since they are reporting it probably wasn’t terrorism, it probably was.