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Jill Stein’s Failed Recount Hits Philadelphia Taxpayers for $37,000

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Taxpayers in the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania will have to pay $37,000 thanks to Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s failed presidential recount attempt in the state.

Local taxpayers in Philadelphia and Chester Counties, the only two counties in the region to perform recounts, are being hit with the overtime pay of workers. The overtime bill for Chester County tallied $32,000, while Philadelphia County cost $5,000, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. – READ MORE

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  • williampenn

    Philly has a far-left socialist mayor in Jim Kenney, so he won’t balk at all over this cost. He’ll likely laud it as a good cause. The taxpayers be damned.

  • Mac mcintire

    How can that be, she was representing we the people. Still waiting for the recount in California