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Jill Stein raises $4.6 million to request recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

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Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has raised enough money to request recounts in the swing states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, her campaign website announced Friday morning.

The campaign initially asked for $2.5 million but has now raised $4.6 million in the last two days. It is now asking for another $2.4 million so it can request a recount in Michigan which would take the total target up to $7 million. Stein claims that “data suggests a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals” in all three states. – READ MORE

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  • Jay

    Jill what’s in it for you? A new house next to Bernie’s? It surely isn’t because you thought you receive more votes (Hail Mary Prayer), she is paid shill by the Democrats and their Globalist!

  • RonSwanson

    Exactly; all her anti-Hillary rhetoric during the election may have been a false flag, she is in cahoots with Soros.

  • marinemec

    A fools errand, as many believe this is just another Democrat shenanigan to drum up Trump opposition! It was a peoples election and now it’s time for those like Jill to accept reality.