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Jezebel Celebrates Father’s Day By Bashing ‘Your Piece Of S*** Father’

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Instead of celebrating Father’s Day, a feminist news outlet took several swipes at dads Sunday, saying readers’ “piece of s*** father” might have “daddy issues” and wishing “happy Father’s Day, mom!”

Jezebel’s Father’s Day Twitter posts received hundreds of critical comments, with readers telling the outlet things such as “something is seriously wrong with you people” and “seems to me like you have daddy issues. Go to a counselor.”

“You don’t have daddy issues but your piece of shit father might,” said Jezebel. She attached an article in which the author recounts her exploration of the concept of “daddy issues” and her visit to, which she describes as “the kind of men’s rights-enthusiast-run site full of chum content that sits and waits until a dude without a brain needs to know how to bring his girlfriend to the Big O as he masturbates near an open laptop.”\

“This Father’s Day, be sure to remind your partner where that baby came from,” said Jezebel in another tweet, linking to a piece in which she asserts “many dads would rather get laid than receive a Father’s Day gift.”

“To you, Father’s Day is today. To the Trump kids, Father’s Day is every goddamn day,” Jezebel said in a post accompanied by a video with clips during which the Trump children referenced their father on television.

“Happy Father’s Day, Mom!” read yet another one of the posts, linking to an article in which the writer explains that she celebrates her mother on Father’s Day because her dad left the family when she was young.

Not all of the tweets were as derisive; in one, Jezebel suggested “bask[ing] in the father son joy of DJ Khaled and Baby Asahd.” Another article defined “zaddy,” which is apparently “a guy you look at and think, zamn, zaddy” but who also “doesn’t have to be an actual father.”

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  • msmispaidthugs

    There are some severely messed up people in this world!
    Don’t be jealous of a good father and family, go BE a good father and MAKE a good family!

  • sam wayne

    Another bitter dried up feminist waiting for communism to save her.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Ya Allah!

    This is why America needs Islam…to put an end to the wretched pigs at these so-called “trash sites” like Jizzabel. I tell you this infidels, just say the word and the fatwas will be issued before the sun touches the desert sands (that’s sundown for you non-desert dwellers) and never again will you have to read a tweet or post from this “Internet House of Bitter Lesbians.”