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Jason Chaffetz Death Threat: ‘Prepare for the Battle, Motherf***er’ (VIDEO)

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) has released an office voicemail from March in which a man from Florida threatened to “hang [Chaffetz] from a lamppost.”



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  • democrat CockRoach

    You’d think the terdies in Congress would work on their 3% approval rating, but NO.

  • Green Libertarian

    Misuse of free speech but to the Leftist it is rational free speech. They should be arrested and send to a psychiatric ward.

  • Pitchman

    Chafftetz, feigns to be for truth and justice but he totally undermined the Extortion 17 investigation, finally brought about by 6 of the dead Navy Seal member families. 30 died including 22 Seal Team 6 members.

    Perhaps it’s time America’s finest, and for all Patriots to demand our elected “public servants” live up to their oath of office, represent the people and uphold the rule of law.

    There is no honor in his actions. This totally reprehensible traitor believes he’s going return to his home state and become Governor. I would like to think the fine patriots of Utah will reject him.

  • Vikki Glover

    So that makes it ok to threaten his life? Your logic astounds me.

  • Sir_Tanly

    What about what Pitchman said even mentions the threat?