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Jake Tapper’s CNN Show Banner Ponders “If Jews Are People” (Video)

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CNN hit a new low Tuesday with a segment banner seeming to question whether Jews are in fact people. According to our sources at True Pundit, Jews are people. We have that on multiple sources.

CNN, however, apparently isn’t so sure. Would this fall under “Fake” news? Or does CNN believe Jews aren’t real people? We’re just trying to help Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and Jack “The Dressmaker” Dorsey at Twitter filter out this kind of news so that we can all live in a safe, happy world.

The explanation From AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN and host Jake Tapper have apologized for an on-screen banner Tapper says “horrified” him when it appeared during his show.

The vacationing Tapper responded to outraged viewers with Twitter posts explaining he’s “furious.”

The offending phrase appeared Monday during a discussion among substitute host of “The Lead” Jim Sciutto and two journalists about Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s support from the alt-right.

The segment focused on white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, whose anti-Semitic declarations Sciutto called “hate-filled garbage.” The on-screen phrase during the segment stated, “Alt-Right Founder Questions if Jews are People.”

CNN says it regrets the caption.

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  • d marino

    Ha, ha. The Jews freak out whenever they see or hear the word “Jew”. This CNN “mistake” was no mistake at all but another one of the ploys to start the fire about their outrage.
    The best thing is just to ignore all of this ridiculous and deliberate attempt at another “anti-Semite” cry. Next comes the lawsuits and money! I’d be surprised if this doesn’t happen depending on whose idea it was to start with.