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ISIS, Not Russia, Is The Enemy In Syria

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The American people have no stomach for a new war in Syria.

Nor does it make sense to expand our enemies list in that bleeding and broken country — from ISIS and the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front — to Syria’s armed forces, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

These last three have been battling to save Assad’s regime, because they see vital interests imperiled should it fall.

We have not plunged into Syria, because we have no vital interest at risk in Syria. We have lived with the Assads since Richard Nixon went to Damascus.

President Obama, who has four months left in office, is not going to intervene. And Congress, which has the sole power to declare war, has never authorized a war on Syria.

Obama would be committing an impeachable act if he started shooting down Russian or Syrian planes over Syrian territory. He might also be putting us on the escalator to World War III.

For Russia has moved its S-400 anti-aircraft system into Syria to its air base near Latakia, and its S-300 system to its naval base at Tartus. – READ MORE

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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    “ISIS, Not Russia, Is The Enemy In Syria”

    Of course it is but that does not gel with the narrative. We cannot have friends outside of America and if we go after ISIS it will look bad as they try to combine islam and the catholic church…hide and watch for those who disbelieve.