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ISIS Leader Sees Sunshine For First Time In Months, Hellfire Missile Obliterates Him

Former Islamic State right-hand man Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in a U.S. drone strike in August, the day he surfaced after months of hiding, The Washington Post reports.

While in hiding, Adnani became increasingly concerned for his own safety, surrounding himself with small children while sleeping as to deter U.S. drone strikes. He refused to go outside during the day time and did not allow cell phones in his presence. Adnani lived in a crowded apartment building until intense fighting caused him to flee.

As Adnani and an associate fled the Syrian town where he was hiding, a U.S. hellfire missile struck his car on Aug. 30, killing them both instantly. – READ MORE

  • tridekka

    The small children were for protection? Sure they were.