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HuffPo Erases Paragraph That Suggests Calling Your Homework Easy Is ‘Racist’

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A professor who wrote an essay claiming that students who call their homework easy were being offensive erased a paragraph in which she suggested that doing so was also “racist” at some point between Thursday and Friday.

Stanford professor Ruth Starkman published the essay entitled “How to Keep Your Competitive Edge and Your Humanity at Elite Universities” Tuesday in The Huffington Post, but the paragraph in question, copied below, has since disappeared from the piece, as reported by The College Fix.

Surely, you had no ill-intent, and absolutely nothing racist in mind at all. But since you never looked up from your phone, you might never know who that other student was. Perhaps you’d prefer to think of your response as thoughtless incivility, and you regret not being more considerate. You and your friends don’t think of you as unkind.

Starkman’s original article can be accessed here.

Elsewhere in the article, the professor argues that “competitiveness” does not need to create “thoughtless behavior” and that calling an assignment easy, “even if it’s not a lie, is also a form of bragging.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Starkman for comment on why this paragraph has disappeared from the piece but received no comment in time for publication.

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