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How Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, restricted advertising for Trump’s campaign

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We had an “upfront deal” with Twitter, which is a common setup where we commit to spending a certain amount on advertising and in exchange receive discounts, perks, and custom solutions.

Our upfront deal was signed in August.

Deal Highlights:

  • $5MM Spend Commitment
  • Discounts on Promoted Trends
  • Bonus Media on Other Spending
  • Value Adds, such as Custom Hashtag Emojis

Day after day, TW wouldn’t give us an official yay/nay and my contacts inside TW told me the new design was causing a lot of heartburn and “big meetings” with folks at the top.

Jack Dorsey was never named, just adam bain, TW COO.

I wasn’t too worried because our plans could continue with the hand/moneybag emoji, even if they denied the more aggressive evolution. – READ MORE

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