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How James Mattis As Defense Secretary Could Bust Our Deathly Political Correctness About Islam

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Is political Islam in America’s best interests? This question should be central to our strategy of fighting ISIS and Islamist terrorism in general. Yet it’s one that many political leaders would rather not answer, because of our politically correct climate. But since Trump’s transition team announced last week that it’s considering retired Gen. James Mattis for secretary of defense, this reluctance might fade.

In a speech given at the Heritage Foundation last year, Mattis spoke about America’s position vis à vis political Islam. Rather than equivocating on the matter in order to avoid saying something uncomfortable or politically incorrect, Mattis simply pointed out that America needs to make a decision about its stance toward this ideology.

Recall that political Islam, or Islamism, is a movement within Islam: it works toward the increasing implementation of Islamic law and values in all areas of life—usually via state control—in order to make Islam a dominant force in the world. – READ MORE

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  • Really?

    Profiling to be reinstated in 3…2…1.

  • jubadoobai

    The problem with the Federalist article is that it creates an artificial distinction where none is. Islam is a political ideology clothed inextricably in the robes of a religion that uses jihad (a central doctrine of the belief system) warfare to accomplish its goal of global domination. Islam is a complete system of governance of the individual’s public and private life, to the extent of telling a man which hand to use to wipe his arse. Thus, it is not possible to draw lines of demarcation and say this is faith, thus is politics, thus is law.

    That being so, what Mattis is telling us is that we have to determine if we want Islam as part of our society. He himself has already decided the answer is no because Islam comes with a theology that denies our right to exist, that asserts jihad warfare is the way to eliminate us for our refusal to submit, and a legal system that prescribes how we are to be treated should Muslims prevail over us.

    For the hour, Mattis is using the shield of political Islsm to begin the discussion with the naïve amongst us. When the discussion is fully engaged, the rosy some cracked will see that the problem is Islam itself.