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EXCLUSIVE: House Unveils Contempt of Congress Charges Against Key Hillary Clinton IT Guru

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If Bryan Pagliano is a no show at the Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing examining Hillary Clinton’s email security on Thursday, key lawmakers will move to hold the IT programmer in Contempt of Congress which would refer the alleged obstruction to a grand jury.

Pagliano ignored a House subpoena last week to testify at a committee hearing. Today committee chairman Congressman Jason Chaffetz put his foot down to prevent a repeat performance by Hillary Clinton’s primary IT guru who maintained her private computer servers.

Chaffetz was steamed at his committee’s Sept. 13 hearing and vowed to consider a “full range of options” to compel Pagliano’s testimony.

“When you are served a subpoena by the United States Congress, that is not optional,” Chaffetz said. “If anybody is under any illusion that I’m going to let go of this and just let it sail off into the sunset, they are very ill-advised.”

The resolution, if passed by the House, would include a criminal referral to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia to convene a grand jury for obstruction. Pagliano’s previous immunity agreement with the Justice Department could not block that potential indictment.


The full resolution can be viewed here.


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  • JuraA

    But what’s the point? He’ll answer every question by pleading the 5th. Or he will have developed amnesia, much like his boss (maybe it’s contagious?)

  • PMNOrlando

    Poor guy wants to live! On one hand I wish we could see someone like this, in a position of the common man, have the balls to lay all his cards out on the table and roast her ass. On the other hand I know the poor guy wants to live. She’s like a Mafia Don and would be willing to pay big bucks to take out him and his family. But you watch, the week after she dies, there will be so many canaries flying out of the mine to pen their books as fast as they can and sing for years to come.

  • lechevre

    Lock this scumbag up! He is just a traitor like Snowden.

  • lechevre

    He is a POS like all the rest of the Clinton rump swabs.