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House, Senate Committee Chairmen Tune DOJ & FBI Up Like a Piano Over Hillary Clinton Email Probe

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The chairman of a Senate Committee and three key House Committee chairmen investigating how the Justice Department and FBI investigated Hillary Clinton’s use of State Department emails penned a blistering letter today to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

In what amounts to a scathing and brutally direct four-page public undressing of the DOJ and the bureau, officials accuse the FBI of allegedly destroying emails and two laptops during the investigation as well as cutting other special side deals for Clinton and her cabal of aides. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Oversight), Rep. Bob. Goodlatte (Judiciary), Sen. Charles Grassley (Senate Judiciary) and Rep. Devin Nunes (Intelligence) joined forces to seek clarification on numerous pressing questions about how this case was handled, including these alarming revelations:


The full, original letter can be viewed here.


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  • ravtodot

    Enough with the preliminaries. Lynch needs to be impeached.

  • MacBobT

    Sickening! The corruption at the top of the Obamanation is unending! As a US citizen I’m truly heartbroken……….

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Everyone at home should be sharpening all of their knives. Oiling their weapons. Checking for issues. Making sure the ammo is all good. Looking on Google where everyone lives and be ready to decapitate this monstrosity rather shortly here.

  • Charlie Crash

    Orders came down from the POTUS himself. HRC is to succeed to the presidency, at ALL COSTS. Obama invoked executive privileged on the Emails between himself and HRC, in order to not incriminate himself and exclude the public eyes.

  • no_tubes

    And yet, Congress does nothing meaningful. Dog ‘n pony show for the sheeples. They’re all in on it.

  • Roger Parks

    The Congress and Senate are regulatory and fiscal watchdogs. They create laws, but have no real power without the backing of the DOJ and FBI, and i think we all know they aren`t going to get that.

  • herbivore

    There are plenty of Congress people that would love to do something meaningful but they fear the public outcry coming from the millions of Obama-lovers and the charge of racism it would provoke. That’s just the reality. Obama (and Lynch’s) skin color are an impenetrable shield and give them the ability to violate any and all laws without fear of retribution.

  • RandomName413

    We haven’t done enough to support the *right* people in Congress, and to be honest, that part is on us. People have lost touched with politics, and while we look out our front door at the middle east, vicious muggers snuck in our back door and are looting the whole damn house. Imagine Congress with the caliber of people like Gowdy and Chaffetz.

  • dji9424 .

    If the FBI investigation was a misprision of evidence (deliberate concealment, i.e.sham investigation), then any immunity granted is based on fraud and should be void from the beginning. Since there was never a trial, there is no such thing as double jeopardy to apply here. Just because Comey closed down the investigation means nothing, it can and should be re-opened to conduct a legitimate investigation.

    Based on Comey’s fraudulent investigation, he should be impeached and charged with fraud, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and forced to surrender his license to practice law. He should be permanently sanctioned such that he can never hold any elective or appointed office, at an level, including federal, state, and county and any governmental pension benefits accruing to him should be forfeited. I’m sure there are other charges that can also be applied, Congress just needs to do their job to rein in the corruption that permeates the Obama Administration – Obama, Lynch, Comey and HRC all need to be impeached and charged accordingly for their treasonous activities in the Clinton email scandal.