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HOT TAKE: Howard Dean Thinks Trump Should Put Clinton Foundation in charge of Puerto Rico relief

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Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Thursday slammed President Trump for having “no clue” how to lead the federal recovery effort in Puerto Rico, suggesting that the Clinton Foundation — run by the family of Trump’s former opponent Hillary Clinton — handle it instead.

“What we should do is turn over the rehab of Puerto Rico to the Clinton Foundation. They know what they are doing. You have no clue,” said Dean, a Hillary Clinton supporter.


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  • Jefferson

    That’s like letting the fox loose in the hen house!

  • StrollingThrough

    No, no, no, no, no NO! I think we should send Howard Dean to Haiti to take over the important job of dog catching. I think we should export his family to Haiti and not allow any travel from the island (even to the Dominican Republic). But only until he admits how horrible the Clinton Foundation is at relief efforts.
    Would someone PLEASE tell me ONE thing the Clinton Foundation has done that they haven’t totally screwed up? AIDS drugs? Do you mean the medications that were not tested? Or the meds that didn’t work? Or the meds that killed people in Africa?
    They are thieves and horrible human beings. Ask Eric Braverman what he thinks of the Clinton organization.
    However. I am very hopeful the MSM will be talking about the Clinton Foundation. That may open a dialogue about the history of the Foundations relief efforts. Maybe we can get more attention for George Ortell’s platform.

  • joepatton
  • joepatton
  • democrat CockRoach

    Yes, I’m sure hillary would love to get her greedy slimy paws on all that money.

  • Carolingian

    Howard Dean should be indicted for accessory to child trafficking.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Running out of Haitain children pedo Dean?
    Looking for a nre breed?
    Send in the Clintons
    Sick bastards

  • Put the Clinton Grift in charge of PR? Why so they can rape them like they did the haitians. Ask any Haitian what they think about the Clintons…If your a Pigressive I dare you.

  • Bavak

    Now thats funny.