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HISTORY LESSON: Brietbart Compares Trump to Andrew Jackson, the racist founder of the Democratic party

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Today Breitbart news compared Trump to Andrew Jackson. Now granted they were comparing him to Jackson’s underdog election victory, but they could not have picked a worse person in American history for the comparison.

You can substitute “Donald Trump,” for “Andrew Jackson” in the history of a candidate winning against huge odds, and then sub “Hillary Clinton” for “Richard Nixon” in the account of a scandal-plagued candidate who won a landslide victory without winning either chamber of Congress. – READ MORE

For those of you who are still in school, or have been brainwashed by the Liberal common core & media, here is a quick history lesson. Andrew Jackson was one of the most brutal figures in all of American history, & a democrat. He actually founded what would become the Democratic party. The father of the left. Not a good start.

Jackson was also a known racist (like most Democrats). Before he was President, he managed national security affairs for our young nation. “Jackson managed national security affairs in a way that matched his interest in land development. He shaped his real estate investments to complement his official duties, and performed his official duties in a way that benefited his real estate” – Hillary’s America by Dinesh D’souza

Jackson is directly responsible for steal millions of acres in land from the Native Americans. He would drive them out by purchasing the land for a basement price or by force. Then he would turn around & sell the land to his Democratic cronies, who will flip the land for a large profit & promise to put Jackson in the White house.

Jackson was not only a thief, but also a cold blooded murderer. When he wasn’t getting his cronies to terrorize Native Americans to give up their land, he was killing them off to reduce the hassle. None of Jackson’s conquests were more vicious than the Horseshoe Bend Massacre where he killed thousands of Native Americans simply because they would not move from the land he wanted.

All that excitement didn’t seem to be enough for Jackson. When he became President he could no longer massacre thousands of people at will, so he had to get creative. He devised a plan that would create one of the greatest human rights violations in US history. The Indian Removal Act of 1830, better known as the Trail of Tears. Jackson was able to carve a few more notches on his belt, with 4,000 Native American dying from cold, hunger, and disease.

To cap this all off, during the 1828 Presidential Race, he was coming under fire for some of his shady Native American land deals, accusing him of using his political position to line his pockets. Jackson decided to take action & the building that held all of his records conveniently caught fire & burned to the ground.

If you want to compare a current Presidential candidate to Andrew Jackson, is should be Hillary Clinton. Racism, destroying evidence, using your political position to enrich yourself, sounds very familiar.

No matter the context, comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson is a bad move.

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  • oldfatguy327

    General Jackson is the only POTUS to pay off the national debt.
    General Jackson saved America at The Battle of New Orleans
    General Jackson was willing to coexist with the Indians if they would live in peace and allow development of natural resources, they would have none of it