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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Van Fitted With Rear Napping Bed & Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

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That campaign ride Hillary Clinton calls her “Scooby Van” is no regular conversion van, True Pundit has learned from interviews with federal law enforcement sources. Not even close.

First, there isn’t just one highly customized Mystery Machine van. Clinton’s Secret Service detail employs two almost-identical vans, with one often serving as a decoy. Clinton does not own either van. Both are maintained by the Secret Service. Federal sources did disclose the slight differences between the armored vans but asked that True Pundit refrain from printing those details or disclosing which van Clinton favors. We agreed. Both, however, are bulletproof versions that Explorer Vans built in-house, working with military vendor BAE Systems.

There might be other security features that BAE installed but not even our sources are confirming that type of classified information. BAE, however does boast: “We design, manufacture, upgrade, and support combat vehicles and provide ammunition, precision munitions, artillery systems and missile launchers to a global customer base.”


There has been much debate about Clinton’s health and medical problems. There is little doubt she is suffering from ailments but the presidential candidate refuses to release her medical records. The following new revelations only promise to fuel additional speculation. According to law enforcement sources, Clinton’s customized van warehouses a state-of-the-art automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and shocks a heart back to its normal cadence. The van also is fitted with an automatic full bed in the rear which she can use to rest between campaign stops or even while being driven to or from a campaign event. See below:



If Clinton does employ the bed option to rest, prior to arriving at a location the bed automatically converts back to a rear bench seat with the press of a button.


When she arrives at an event, Clinton would then move up to a customized massage chair behind the driver, flanked by assistant Huma Abedin to her right. Both of their seats are heated and swivel toward the rear bench seat when it is not being deployed as a bed. The full-sized bed sits behind the backseat captain’s chairs which do not fold down, therefore, the two mid seats can be used if someone is sleeping in the rear.


The massage controller for Hillary’s captain’s chair is pictured below.


The new revelation by True Pundit that Hillary’s van warehouses an AED is perhaps another important piece in Clinton’s ongoing health puzzle. In recent weeks, Clinton’s undercover doctor has been traveling in the front passenger seat of the van with her to campaign stops. This has been widely reported. But now one is forced to question whether Hillary receiving medical care during transport to and from such events? Medical professional on board; medical devices on board for a medical ailment previously linked to Clinton by True Pundit and Wikileaks; full bed in rear of a van retrofitted so people can stand upright and move around while it is being operated. This so-called “Scooby Van” appears more and more like an undercover ambulance.

What else is included in Clinton’s custom Mystery Machines:

*26-inch HD flat screen TV, nine speakers, and a sub-woofer.
*It’s own mobile hotspot linked to the TV for local news coverage
*Blue Ray DVD player
*HDMI power stations are built throughout the interior, for quick cell phone or laptop charging.
*A third Auxiliary Air conditioning and heating system
*Aircraft insulation for sound deadening, noise reduction
*Remote controlled suicide side doors
*Custom window shades for all side and rear windows

Both of the Clinton’s vans shown here on the move: one with her and the other a decoy.

The estimated taxpayer-funded price tag of each van is $225,000, not including the most recent purchase which was sent back to the factory for a new hand-stitched leather interior when Hillary didn’t like the original seat colors.

Not everyone is a fan of Clinton’s fancy campaign vehicles.


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  • Frank Haggerty
  • MD Richardson

    Taxpayers paid for TWO of these? Come on guys…..this is over the top. More government waste and abuse. An armored van yes…all the other crap, no.

  • Minarchian

    This is how Clinton would be as President.

    Blowing money on secret projects and causes.

    As a tax payer I demand to know what my money has paid for in the vans.

    I don’t expect answer though

  • Lynette Johnson

    Today, Hillary Passed out and was DRAGGED into her AMBULANCE MEDICAL VAN!
    Hillary The Drug User? Hillary the stumbling Drunk?
    We know it’s NOT her ill Health cause SHE SAID SO….
    Save in whatever format you like best!

  • Malby

    Um, you do realize that Trump has the SAME vans? It’s the Secret Service’s van.

  • Malby

    Taxpayers probably paid for FOUR: two for Hillary and two for Trump. And there are two for each so that there can be a decoy, a decision made by the Secret Service.

  • jj333

    Does this van come equipped with hammers and Bleach Bit?

  • True Pundit


  • True Pundit

    “Probably” doesn’t work in real journalism. You are incorrect. Try again.

  • Malby

    NO, of course you don’t realize. And how much do you pay in taxes, anyway?

  • surefire111

    Never seen Trump in one of these things. Since he’s been the nominee I’ve only seen him in an SUV, like 99% of government VIPs. Secret Service has a huge inventory of Chevy Suburbans, including versions with enough armor and communications for use by POTUS. Why does Hillary need a special van with enough room to lie down in?

  • surefire111

    Find a picture of him using one. I’ll apologize if I’m wrong, but I’ve only seen him use a Suburban since he’s been the nominee.

  • ExpressoBold ✓ Certified Rebel

    There’s no use trying to drag Donald Trump down the same hospital corridor as Lady HiLarry! Clintoon the Entitled. Your mission, should you choose to act on it rather than just bleating the party line, is to go find Trump’s Medical Van, either parked or with him inside. Even better, show him entering one… One-note Samba was a popular tune but it’s not a good pick for the “smart set” and their political arguments.
    Try to stay on topic, too. Why do you care who pays what in taxes as long as IRS isn’t hunting you down?

  • Athena Marler Creamer

    “suicide side doors???”

  • JanBC

    l’m not seeing a ‘bed’ – I’m seeing seats that go flat, which is pretty standard.

  • mick

    The good news for the world is that at the rate Clinton is declining we don’t have to worry about her ever starting WW3 …. she will be lucky to be alive in November let alone win an election.
    Message from the world America… stay home, we don’t like you anymore!

  • Baby Sissy

    Oh, so Fat Ankles and the basket of sex abuse, husband don’t have enough money to pay for the medical van and the decoy? As David Webb said,”the clintons think Americans are their chattel”. If you are worth upwards of $100 mill seems like these vans could be paid for by the clintons. Remember when pelosi was speaker and she used the govt’ plane to fly herself, family and friends back and forth to communfornia? Detestable and DEPLORABLE!!!

  • TxBlueBonnet

    $225.000.00 Each!! There are three of them, oh but the last one was sent back b/c Hillary didn’t like the seat coverings.

  • Alan

    Driving around in an ambulance What a joke. Dems are nuts.

  • Show us some evidence of the two that are for Trump.

  • Doors with hinges in the rear are often referred to as “suicide” doors by those who know autos.

  • Nemesis243

    Go Go Gadgey Hillary van!!

  • Big Papa

    I’ve never seen him in a van just an SUV.


    I want to know soes here campaign “rent” the vans from the Gov’t or what? If so what is the rent – If not why not????

  • JCLUVU22

    So WHY are WE having to pay for her 2 vehicles…………….. Should NOT be allowed!

  • JCLUVU22

    If true, – Trump’s are NOT set up like an AMBULANCE.

  • JCLUVU22

    If true, why haven’t we seen them……… And if true – Trump’s would NOT be set up like an AMBULANCE. Trump is very healthy……… clinton is not.

  • JCLUVU22

    When Donald Trump is elected – many will flock to Mexico – a sign that America is on the mend. God has anointed Donald Trump to bring America back from destruction.
    And God will use the USA as a hub for the End Times Harvest which He will release. We are in the Last of the Last Days. And what God has said will come about.
    But before Jesus Christ returns – the USA will become strong again & other countries will look in awe upon America. Just remember when finances abound -remember to look to Him who made this happen & know that God loves you & is providing for you.

  • Hurri Cane

    All i can see is a Secret Service agent hitting Hillary’s EJECT button while they are on a bridge or in a tunnel! “oops, my bad”

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  • ArmyVet✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    I’ll never think of Chevy in a good way again!!!

  • Conniption Fitz

    What are ‘suicide side doors’?

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