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Hillary Relied on Clinton Foundation to Set Up, Control Her Secretary of State Voicemail, Download Sensitive VMs

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Hillary Clinton relied on a Clinton Foundation employee with no federal security clearances and then an assistant without proper security clearance to set up and control her official State Department voice mail and download her phone messages when she was Secretary of State, according to State Dept. emails obtained by True Pundit.

The once-classified email chain, sent to the [email protected] address on Clinton’s home brewed server, shows the Secretary of State was waiting for “Justin” to set up her State Department voicemail. According to information, that Justin was Justin Cooper, an employee of the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton aide who had no security access or security clearance to gain legal access to Clinton’s official phone or sensitive voicemail messages.

The Feb. 11, 2009 emails also highlight communications between Clinton and her personal assistant Lauren Jiloty. According to sources, Jiloty worked for the State Department from Jan. 2009 to Oct. 2011 as a Special Assistant to Clinton. She is employed now in Washington state in a civilian capacity. During her tenure at State, sources said Jiloty had a low security clearance while Clinton, her boss, maintained the top federal clearance available.

In a move sure to set off alarm bells with any Inspector General or compliance-minded Dept. of Justice lawyer, Jiloty notifies Clinton that she will set up the Secretary’s secure voice mail. Federal regulations in the State Department and throughout government explicitly forbid any third party from accessing personnel voice mail, whether permission from the user is provided or not. Likewise, the practice would seemingly violate federal wiretapping laws and violate Clinton’s security agreement signed to gain access to sensitive information. (But what else is new).

“I’ll get the password and download your messages,” Jiloty writes, noting earlier that eight new voicemail messages awaited Clinton.

The bigger question is whether Jiloty presumably emailed Clinton the voicemail password. Or did her or Cooper download all future messages for Clinton to digest after converted to text?  And if Jiloty did email Clinton the password to her private server, just as she did this email, what other foreign governments eavesdropped on Clinton’s State Department voicemail and its sensitive contents via rudimentary, yet stealth breaches? Or even worse, if other governments had unfettered access to Clinton’s voicemail, did actors perhaps delete crucial messages before Clinton could retrieve? Or did such a breach compromise an agent’s identity or a operation’s success? Such a hack could alter the landscape of foreign relations, history and even the lives of covert assets.

Lauren Jiloty’s full email to Clinton, using Clinton’s [email protected] address is below.


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