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Hillary received 30 times as much tech cash as Trump

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Employees from 20 of the nation’s largest and most influential technology companies have donated approximately $4.4 million to the Clinton campaign this election, roughly thirty times as much they’ve given to Trump’s campaign, according to a BuzzFeed News analysis of Federal Election Commission data.

The twenty companies BuzzFeed News examined included popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, incumbent manufacturing giants Dell and Hewlett Packard, and multinational heavyweights Amazon, Intel, Oracle, and Uber. In total, workers for the 20 companies gave about $4.4 million in itemized contributions to Clinton and $146,000 to Trump. – READ MORE

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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    All of the companies that have supported Hillary Rodham Clinton should be extremely avoided from here on out. This includes:

    Cable companies, newspaper groups, most magazines, most TV shows, most artists (music and movies) and anyone else you can find out about.

    Try to go with local internet providers instead of big cable companies.
    Get your news online vs from newspapers.
    Drop your magazine subscriptions or don’t renew them.
    Wait for the TV shows to show up online and then skip the commercials.
    Switch over to online music providers with no commercials and buy any movies or music from thrift stores, second hand, craigslist, whatever.

    All in all, attempt to deprive those who support people you disagree with their money. second hand typically does the trick.

    The last thing anyone needs to do here is to give any money to anyone they do not agree with.