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Hillary Free Speech Preview: Black Man Tossed Down Stairs at Rally, Clinton Tells Crowd to Follow Him Outside

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A preview of Free Speech in America under a Hillary Clinton regime.

An African American man wearing a Bil Clinton “Rape” T-Shirt was tossed down the stairs at a Hillary rally Monday before being escorted out by police and security.

Hillary watched the events unfold from her nearby perch on the speaker’s stage and she cackled in great delight as the protestor was muscled from the event by authorities and jeered by the crowd.

Hillary then said she hoped crowd members would follow him outside and stage an “intervention.” No, this isn’t a story from This is life on the campaign trail with Hillary and her bizarre-world supporters, who laugh at a Bill Clinton rape shirt and and African American man getting manhandled like a black man at the Democratic National Convention in the 1960s.

Other news outlets reported that the man was ejected from the event, but there is always another story in the details. No one beyond True Pundit reported the man getting thrown down the stairs and then being removed by what looks like an atomic wedgie.



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  • santis06

    What a disgusting creature….Go Trump!!!!

  • Broos

    It’s REVOLTING, and reminiscent of Ari Mantoinette :

  • She’s evil! And she’s turning her sheep evil too!
    Ephesians 6:11
    Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

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  • discussopinions

    I saw this happen LIVE….she is a witch…and she has the nerve to say that the Trump followers assault people in the audience??? She is even “inciting” them to beat him up…Don’t deny it you witch…this is EXACTLY what you did by saying “he needs and intervention outside”!!! Did Black Lives Matter hear/see this from her??? I don’t hear them putting her down!!!

  • Sheila Glover

    Can we stage an exorcism on her? She clearly needs one.

  • Fran Ruddell

    Maybe George Soros has to approve a BLM riot first!! It’s interesting to watch the expression on her face after she laughs inappropriately! This criminal is dangerous and is going to cause WW3, or worse! Podesta’s e-mail said she “hates” “everyday” Americans! She’s crazy enough to do anything!! I wish her “bucket of losers” would wake up and ask themselves why she would make a great president!!

  • Fran Ruddell

    She thinks her husband raping a woman is funny, and now she thinks a black man being thrown out of her rally because she didn’t like his shirt is funny!!! When are people going to start questioning this criminal? She condones violence? This crazy criminal wants to be president of the world, not just America!!! Vote Trump to clean up and fix Obama’s mess, and preserves our Constitutional rights and freedoms!! Also, she’s a globalist, not a Democrat. If you don’t know about globalism and Saul Alinsky’s 8 levels to a socialist state, please find out because that’s what she wants!!

  • La’Tisha Williams

    Will somebody please put this beatch out of our misery?

  • David Glenn


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  • Iftheaccidentwill

    Hillary just LOVES black people… who know their place and don’t get uppity.