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Hillary Clinton Promised Obama & Attorney General Lynch U.S. Supreme Court Justice Posts For Life

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Under a Hillary Clinton regime, President Barack Obama will replace deceased Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and Attorney General Loretta Lynch will replace soon-to-retire Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court of the United States, according to White House and Justice Department insiders.

And you thought you’d almost seen the last of President Obama on the national stage. Think again.

According to White House sources, Obama has confided to key insiders that the reason he chose to reside in Washington. D.C. after his second term, and not Hawaii as originally planned, is because Clinton has promised him the now open chair on the Supreme Court. Now it is starting to make sense why Obama never pushed back on Merrick Garland’s nomination rebuke by the GOP-controlled Senate. Obama nominated Garland to the Supreme Court after the mysterious death of Justice Scalia in early 2016. The Senate never even considered the nomination.

The bigger surprise here is Lynch, who by many accounts has posted an even worse public record trampling the Constitution than Obama since she arrived in Washington D.C. Nonetheless, Lynch is more than just a strong rumor to replace Justice Ginsburg, according to Justice Department sources who spoke to True Pundit. Clinton has promised the job to Lynch, sources said, but the attorney general is still considering the offer. Will Lynch decline? Doubtful, Justice Department sources said.

Obama and Lynch on the Supreme Court. For life. Talk about a stacked court. The question now is can either pass a Senate confirmation. Whoops, we forgot Republicans have no spine so passing confirmation hearings would likely prove a breeze, regardless of Obama and Lynch’s key and corrupt roles in keeping Clinton free from criminal charges in her blatant mishandling of government emails, classified and top secret intelligence. And then there’s the Clinton Foundation’s pay to-play scheme and cover up which would likely ensnare the FBI and Justice Department as certain accomplices.

Lynch was promised the Supreme Court post in June or July, sources said, which would put the job offer right at the exact time the FBI concluded not to refer Clinton’s case to the Justice Department for criminal indictment. Coincidence?

When can we expect to see FBI Director James Comey in a Supreme Court robe?

Of course if Donald Trump wins the election in November, Clinton, Obama, Lynch and Comey might be retaining criminal defense attorneys instead of presiding over them.


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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    No. Never gonna happen. God didn’t give us the Second Amendment for target practice other than for this kind of target practice:)

  • Patriot76

    The Senate has to approve of the Justice’s nomination, probably never get thru the Senate.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    I would rather leave Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of babysitting my children than allow anyone in this corrupt government to make any choices tat affect me.

    Government needs us. We do not need this government.

  • PaRo Lee

    If we weren’t already DOOMED in this country that will surely do so with those to appointed to those positions. You can forget the CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS and INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY if this takes place.

  • haggis-humper

    I just love American politics…never a dull moment (just like your wunnerful, wunnerful sitcoms)

  • Muzicman61

    I agree but if the republicans lose the Senate then it could happen. Just pray Trump wins.

  • ric moriarity

    WE THE PEOPLE must stop this Please watch this and share

  • mastergame

    Eat your haggis, keep making that single malt… Hahaha

  • Patriot76

    Funny, my wife prays every night for the Lord to allow the best person to win. We both know that it sure isn’t Hillary!

  • Muzicman61

    You got that right! Hillary is as corrupt as it gets.

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  • SargintRock

    Talk about a rabid fox in the hen house!

  • jollymonsam

    Let’s go back to 1970’s tech and use that simple tech for voting then end this idea of appointing anybody who has that much power over us. Let’s vote on the U.S. Supreme Court justices and our Attorney General too they have to answer to the American people vote them in and vote them out, no more jobs for life
    We need to go back to the old way of voting no more electronic voting because the votes can be swayed by the press of a button and there is no record of your vote in case of a recount
    No physical paper trail for the voters to own so easy to rig the system

  • yzwisey


  • william mony

    This article assumes that the Republic won’t have states succeeding if she wins and if this cronyism by brain dead hillary attempts to stack the court.
    Also the military will be ready to have a coup too, hillary will be the last straw of corruption that the military and American people can handle.

  • Alleged Comment


    They are putting in unqualified people only meeting the requirements of being political hacks. This is DANGEROUS and they are mocking your laws and Constitution.

    Soon, we will be lawless as a requirement, not a choice, to survive the communist Demoncrap party and Congress’s corruption.

  • Obama looking for a SCOTUS position is pointless. he has set the groundwork for the United States subjugation the the UN/NWO/Soros/One World Government via the the gradual deterioration of American autonomy. IF Hillary is elected this process will be completed and the SCOTUS will become irrelevant. If not abolished altogether. He will be looking for Sec/Gen of the UN, aka “King of the World”. His ego demands nothing less.

  • thomas jefferson

    ANY nation,who believes its OK to allow their police gangs to murder children,IS FINISHED,the IQ has dropped to ZERO,your death is now on the horizon,GET CLOSE as you can to the LORD JESUS CHRIST,your about to meet him,and YOU DO NOT want him to say WHO ARE YOU,because you passed up the chance to meet him…THE NATIONS of the world are not like americans, they LOVE THEIR CHILDREN,and NOW america has made it their habit to murder children all over the world,THEY WILL DESTROY YOU FOR THAT,no president on earth can bring back the children you bloodthristy scum have murdered in the quest for the worlds gold,silver and oil…………

  • ActaNonVerba

    Damn straight it won’t happen! Too many of “us” that have honor and loyalty. Folks like us will survive!

    People like barrack probably can’t even fillet a fish let alone make it in the real world 😉 and I’d LOVE to see him try to field a buck hahahahha.

  • malachismommy

    I lost my appetite for after dinner chocolate when I read this. OMG–if Bath-house becomes Scalia’s replacement under a President Killary, our guns will be confiscated and conservatives will be forever silenced. Ugh.

    Trump Pence 2016. Killary for Alcatraz 2017

  • Poke


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  • Smithwick McGuinness

    This is a hilarious site. So glad I found it. Military coups, states seceding, rigged voting, “mysterious” Scalia death, world government, King Obama…. It’s better than Infowars (with some obligatory appeals to JESUS! thrown in)! If HRC wins (very likely) and takes the Senate (quite possible), I’ll be sitting back with my popcorn watching these armchair warriors….. do absolutely nothing.